Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tech Tips for Annie

Okay, Annie, this is how I created the leopard background for Kok Hon's blog. It is actually a downloaded graphic tile which is repeated in different areas of the screen. The background tile graphics are easily available. Google it.

  1. Firstly, you must know I am using the Minima Black scheme.
  2. Therefore, I need to populate TWO areas on the blog layout with that tile. If you look carefully, you can see there is a slight distorted tile area to the left and right of his chicken banner. This is the second area, #header-wrapper. The main area would be the body.
  3. In my Layout, I go to the Edit HTML tab.
  4. I ADD this line background-image:url(; to the attributes of the body and the #header-wrapper area. **DON'T FORGET THE CLOSING SEMICOLON ';'
  5. I assume you understand what the above means.
Umm, that should be about it. Please save your layout before you do these modifications.


Wuching said...

i see no road!

me said...

sounds easy enough. the hard part is figuring out what to put in there. i like my white background...and sometimes i don't. fickle woman!

K.K. said...

fickle woman, why not try style-switcher? it's a script to have ur background color changed instantly with a click!

but having that installed on ur blog is much more troublesome than Jonzz tutorial. heheh...

poohbearee said...

How come the leopard background like so popular? LOL.

Sam said...

Ooooh, a tutorial. :D

Let's see if it helps Annie. :)

Baby's Breathe said...

PB, the leopard background reminds me of your dad's ex-car seat...hahaha

m5lvin said...

easy easy but hard hard as well...

Annie said...

COOL! It doesn't sink into my brain yet, but I am sure it will click in my head once I start it.
I will definitely SAVE a copy of my template. It's got a lot of crap on it.

Like ME says, I will now search for a perfect background! SO COOL! I'm so excited. Should I test it now? mmmm... or make dinner?

Thank you GOBS Jonzz!!!

me said...

k.k! hey! you can't just stop there!! tempting me with such a cool thing and then tell me it's un-do-able for ppl with ordinary non-IT brains like fickle woman. then again, won't i be able to do the same thing by going to the page layout and click on the colour for the background? it's just a few more clicks.....unless you mean my readers get to see different backgrounds with just a! that's cool!

K.K. said...

me, that's exactly what i meant. readers get to choose what colour they like. u can check out my blog here if u like, the color options are at the left sidebar.

looks like Jonnz comment is turnin into a "Blog Backgrnd Forum" edy! LOL!

Las montañas said...

so did the tips work? on annie that's what I mean? or were they too dense to sink in? LOL

Jonzz said...

[wuching]: What do you mean??

[me]: I suggest a nice simple gray design at one of the corners like a maple leaf.

[k.k]: Wah, after ME wallop you then you know. Only she can call herself names, you know (He he he he he he)

[PB]: Sheesh, I thought you guys started this. How would I know?

[sam]: Don't worry. Annie's a pro. She just wants the Jonzz Quick Reference Guide *RUNS BEFORE ANNIE COMES*

[baby's breathe]: LOL, of all the comments here, this one is so out of place, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

[m5lvin]: ROFL. one day I'll quote your phrase. Is it copyrighted?

[annie]: I just have one thing to say. What is GOBS?

[me and k.k]: Wah, having a forum here. Actually, I didn't expect any comments for this post. LOL!

[LM]: Here's your running shoes. Now RUN before Annie catches you!