Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend in Penang


  • Hi Hi! I was up in Penang from Friday to Saturday visiting friend and family. Came back home to a stinky Streamyx connection (Did I say connection? I meant no connection so couldn't do any updates or surf either! )
  • K.K. Your DOTA challenge has been read and accepted! ROFL, how do I get your contact? Thru Jimbo?
Took the 10.30pm bus on Thursday night and arrived in the wee hours of the morning at Sungai Nibung bus terminal. So what does one do while waiting for one's pickup to arrive?

Do some shadow camwhoring!

Went to my friend's place in Teluk Kumbar. He decorated his guest room like a grand hotel room.

My cozy hotel-class sleeping quarters

Well, I spent the entire Friday with my friend. Went to Queensbay mall.

Cool panoramic shot from Queenbay Mall car park!

Hung out at the Borders bookstore. Cool place. Nice discounts. Didn't buy any books though but managed to purchase a compilation of my old X-Factor comic.

Had a karaoke session later in the night. We left at 3.00am. Haven't done that in years. Ran out of songs to sing or we would have left at 4.00am. At least chinese classes came in handy. I can sing that silly 'lao shu ai da mi' or 'Rat likes to eat rice' song. *Victory sign*

Two grievances while in Penang:
  • Supposed to buy a particular tau sau pheah biscuit for my colleague from the market. Shop closed.
  • Wanted to eat ho chien (oyster omelette). Friend took me to two so-called best places for this dish. Unfortunately (as you may guess), both places were closed. (ARGH!)
My friend had a seminar the following day. So I spent the next day with my family in Penang. Left that night back to Seremban at 11.00pm. Wow, the Seasons bus I took was extremely speedy. Half an hour to go from KL Puduraya to Seremban.

The next day was Sunday which was well.. ordinary, boring and Internetless due to my above-mentioned shitty Streamyx connection.


eve said...

Half an hr fr KL to meh?..

Las montañas said...

I concur with Eve! 1/2 hour is JUST to get out of KL and get started on the expressway!

Tell us what is the bus company?

Hmm, at least you humans cast shadows but I have none!

K.K. said...

im pretty elusive, u see, so i doubt Jimbo has the means to contact me! haha! let's set our match after my big exam, sometime around end of Aug? 5 on 5? shall we? shall we?!

i'll be in penang too tis wkend! Tau sar pneah and ho chien, here i come!

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: *reading Eve and LM's comments* Is this KL Puduraya in KL or NS???

Hmmm.....I love Penang Laksa.

I hope your trip was as *exciting* as can be :) Welcome back.

Lee Ping said...

Very nice guest room, you have a good friend, indeed.

stay-at-home mum said...

Our driver (we rented a car) refused to drive us to the famous tau sa pieh shop, instead he brought us to one "comercial" one which had lots of tour buses in its car park!! Disillusioned, and disappointed, we refused to buy any.

Annie said...

and what presents and gifts have Jonzz brought back for us? Mmmm?

Karaoke about rats and rice? ick.. nothing like Bob Seger 'Against the Wind" or "Roll Away"?

Shadows can be deceiving, I see tentacles and one big ear.. could Jonzz be alien?

Jonzz said...

eve: Dunno leh... no traffic and a bus in excellent condition makes a half hour trip a cinch gwa.. it was 3.30am

LM: Dude, I did write Seasons bus. But the company was Konsortium

KK: Wah, you sound like you have a pro DOTA team... scared di... we only play for fun you know and we always switch members, he he

PB: Puduraya is in KL, it's the bus station around the Petaling Street/Chinatown area.

Lee Ping: I guess so

stay-at-home-mum: Welcome! I had personal chauffeurs to take me around

annie: eeks no gifts... hands full, travelling by bus. That's just a chinese song school kids know.
don't call me alien. that's LM's role.

just me said...

You have a really hospitable friend!

doc said...

by going for a certain brand of the tau sar pheah, i take that you refer to either Ghee Hiang or Him Heang.

as a long-time consumer of these biscuits, i recently found out that these two brands are over-rated, as there are other manufacturers that can match up, in terms of taste & quality.

i recently tried out this shop at chowsrata market , Tong Thye Hin, who sells equally good biscuits at a cheaper price (RM8 compared to RM9.50 for the other two), & they even have pandan flavour as well. how cool is that??!!

Jonzz said...

[just me]: yup!

[doc]: Hello, welcome! He he... I have no idea. I'm not particularly fond of tau sar pheah. I bought Him Heang. A colleague wanted me to buy Aik Lee's brand but it was closed =P