Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Injustice

If you are a Malaysian and have not been living under a nutshell for past week, you would have been aware of the tragic and cruel murder of a little girl by the name of Ooi Ying Ying, who perished at the very hands of the same people who were entrusted with her care and protection.

It's scary how low the depths to which our human nature can really sink to.

What were the motives behind the deed? I guess only God and the accused will ever know.

What we know is but the bits and pieces of information packaged for us by the media.

Which brings me to my second observation.

Nestled between the many headlines, was one that caught my attention:

Pardon my self-righteous talk, but I observe a second but no less greater injustice looming behind this seemingly innocent headline.

Among my friends and peers, I have heard this statement being uttered and I'm pretty sure you might have as well,

How can they kill such the little girl? Look at her. She is so cute.

My concern is this: Why does cuteness even have to come into the picture at all?

But then again, if the victim had been someone ugly or less prominent, do you think they would have garnered as much attention?

I am sure there are many more murders that have taken place but look at the murder "personalities" that get prominence and front page photos in the newspapers.

Is this our value system these days? A handsome or pretty face is better or is worth more than a normal or plain looking face?

Well, I admit I am equally guilty of this.

Guess learning not to judge a book by its cover is easier said than done.


stay-at-home mum said...

A life lost is a life gone. Cute or not it does not matter. Sad, so amny people cant conceive, and here you have innocent lives being snubbed out! May her soul rest in peace with the Lord.

Wuching said...

all lifes are precious, no one has the right to take a life.

winniethepooh said...

May little Yingying rest in peace.

Bibik Nyonya said...

Yes, i did follow up the news and it is indeed tragic. An innocent life being taken in such a violent manner.

Jimbo said...

Mark my word, just wait and see who Malaysia ultimately send to space. The good looking vs the village boy. You just wait and see.

savante said...

Poor Ying ying.

kyels said...

May she rest in peace.

It is not the world, but the people who has gone utterly psycho to do such a thing ... Damn, she's only a kid!

me said...

cute is not the same as beautiful. cute is akin to a baby; innocent, naive and sweet. i actually said the same thing. the point can anyone look at such adorableness, such naiveness, such sweetness and still be so cruel to kill her? not that you can kill ugliness....but it's like killing an adult and killing a child. everybody understands when an adult is murdered...but when a 1 yr old looking all adorable is killed, you start to wonder if that person is even human?!

it's usually the reflex of a person to think of the opposite direction when given a 'you look very pretty today'. the reaction will then be 'what? you mean i'm not pretty on other days?!!!'. don't think negatively.

mott said...

May lil Ying Ying rest in eternal peace.

Shruti said...

You were right in your saying...
Not to Judge a book by its cover..

Anyways, take care and god bless her soul..

K.K. said...

Ying Ying is cute. Her mother is stupid.

m5lvin said...

Poor Ying Ying...

adrien said...

i agree with "Me". (god that sounded weird.)

Kok Hon said...

Good point. Never noticed that before.

peiling said...

saw ur post at sherman's. am i allowed to repost this linking to you as well? =)

i'm at

Annie said...

I heard about this on Zewt's blog.. There's still no word about it on our side of the world. I suppose people have the ignorant tendency to believe the more beautiful or cute they are, it somehow gives them a certain immunity to violence. As if looking at Ying Ying would suddenly STOP you from killing her. It proves to all that the victim matters nothing to the killers. Human beings are treated as things.. as for Media attention, Ying Ying would get more attention because she's so adorable looking... because it gets people to "feel" emotion, a feel for compassion...

I guess if that's what it takes for people to "feel" anything, it might be worth the media press.

Jonzz said...

[stay-at-home-mum]: Amen to that.

[wuching]: If everyone thought like that, there would be no more murders or killings.

[winniethepooh]: Yeah.

[bibiknyonya]: I'm still wondering who actually did it. We only have their word for it.

[jimbo]: I'm lost. Who are these ppl you talking about?

[savante]: ya...

[kyels]: Well, there are many other injustice taking place, simply killing animals... not treating living things with respect. This is just the current tip of the iceberg.

[me]: Phew, that is one deep comment.

[mott]: Amen.

[shruti]: Welcome. Actually I was trying to think of a more appropriate saying but this was the only one that crossed my mind.

[k.k]: Haiz... not so stupid... but never think enough.

[m5lvin]: Pity, so young.

[adrien]: LOL, your comment is hilarious.

[kok hon]: It's a matter of perspective like seeing a cup half empty or half full.

[peiling]: Hi, welcome. Sure go ahead. Link if you like.

[Annie]: Yay, Annie, you read my mind totally.