Monday, July 9, 2007

Dieting and Detachment

Lately, I've been wondering why I'm not as moody as usual. Then it struck me, it started at about the same time I started dieting. I could be wrong.

But don't get the wrong idea though. My idea of dieting is clean eating(more fruits and greens), less meat and carbs. Not eating the daily food intake of a squirrel.

Then I had a conversation with Ian. He said, meat consumption probably causes aggravation in people.


You know, people actually use fasting to gain a greater measure of control over their appetites and desires. Fasting is not dieting and vice versa. Fasting has a more religious or spiritual objective in mind. Dieting is more for achieving a physical change.

However, I wonder if dieting was the reason for my lack of angst and melancholic mood swings.

A few thoughts reverberate in my brain, 'Why was I so depressed over the past few months?', 'Do I have a some sort of split personality?'.

Silly, isn't it?

Sidetracking, I took this picture lately and I liked it very much. So I'm sharing it with you.

I think this little fellow has character.


me said...

ewwwwwwwwwwww, gross!! *jumps to the ceiling*

meat causes aggression? maybe. but you were more moody than angry and wanting to punch the lights out of someone. maybe it's the carbs. overloading of carbs make you slow, heavy (i don't mean weight) and down...

we'll see if the moodiness comes back during your new diet. as with all scientific research, we need time to prove or disprove your theory. if it works, we'll sell the gimmick. 50-50, ok? *wink*

eve said...

I only know if I am on a diet , it makes me more moody..fasting , tried once ..din work well cos had gastric in the end..had to batalkan..

mott said...

hop hop hop

r u the lil grasshopper? ok..that's a kids' story..ha ha ha..

anyway, it's great that you're watching your food intake. I really tabik ur willpower!

Las montañas said...

haiyoh!! get that away from me. I hate grasshoppers, especially the big green types.

Jimbo said...

I think the 'little fellow' is dieting. ;-P

poohbearee said...

I also feel happier if I am dieting. But only if I am successful in sticking to the diet plan. It is sort of an achievment and hence a triumphant sort of feeling. And at the same time feel slimmer. Heehee. Not sure if u meant the same thing.

Hey, btw, not fair! How come I am the minority in your blog links who dun get to see your face *pout*

winniethepooh said...

I'm not sure about dieting but personally, I did notice that friends who are on a vegetarian diet (they turn 'life time' vegetarian), their temperament are usually more gentle, calm and composed compared to the majorities of friends who are on the normal (ie with meat) diet.

btw, If I see that 'little fellow', I guess I'll be hopping faster and farther than that 'little fellow' will ever do! hehehehe

stay-at-home mum said...

Funny, when I was on "the" diet to lower my cholesterol, I was moody. Now that I have taken it in my striden(and stopped the medication) I am much happier!

sbanboy said...

Erm I get visions of food floating in front of me when I am dieting ....erm

Jonzz said...

me: I like the way you think but I prefer 75-50 (HA HA HA HA HA... greedy talk)

eve: Aiyo, say already lo, my diet is not to starve myself but more of eating different and in smaller proportions and sequence.

mott: Yeah, I am suddenly greatly motivated to lose weight.

LM: What's that crawling down your collar?

jimbo: I think so too. There's nothing to eat inside the house.

PB: I think detachment means less raging emotions like anger or depression or angstiness. Aiyo, these people know how I look like because I know them from my church or I met them at the blogger's meet. Wait lar, if I ever go to Singapore, I'll look for you and the Martian.

winniethepooh: Hmm.. guess there should be some truth in that more docile complex thingy. Hey, if that little thing can make you hop around, it can be good source of exercise, LOL!

stay-at-home-mum: Taking medication to lower cholesterol? Why not take foods that lower cholesterol instead like oats?

sbanboy: I think you haven't strengthened your resolve enough yet. Must give yourself some leeway to give in now and then. But eat less of the good stuff. But if you see food floating, LOL, I think you've starved yourself to the point of hallucinating.

Annie said...

WELCOME to the world of PMS!

and you're not even a GIRL!

mood swings have everything to do with hormones and probably lack of vitamins and proper nutrition.

Annie's solution: chocolate... lots of dark chocolate to increase that happy feeling in the mind.


stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, I do take oats. The doc actually told me to take med, but I stopped (on my own )now.

PS you have been tagged. Pls refer to my blog for more details

me said...

what is 75 50?! got 125% meh?? extra 25% under counter money ah?? hahahaha. ok! 70 30. last offer! and i mean you 30%, ok?! :-p

Jonzz said...


OK my maths have gone down the drain. You drive a hard bargain. Ok, me 70% you 30% =P

Jonzz said...

Dang, now I know why you use me as your nick.

Rephrase: jonzz 70% me 30% (Hmm... looks like I get 100%)

kyels said...

I've never seen a brown grasshopper before!


me said...

i like your first deal more!!! dang! you caught on before i could take advantage of it. me 70% ME 30%. yeh yeh *nodding head* i want. *counting imaginary 100% greedily* hehehe

Jonzz said...

kyels: Google it, you'll be surprised.

me: Catch me you try, Succeed you will not, MUA HA HA HA

doc said...

i think your idea of dieting is sound. throw in some physical exercises, & you should be about right.

Ian has brought forth an intertesting concept about meat - i mean, have you heard of a gentle tiger? or an angry rabbit, for that matter?

(suddenly, i'm craving for some carrots!)

adrien said...

it's all in the head! well that's what i think. even works sometimes. :p

Jonzz said...

doc: Ah, exercise... sorry I haven't earned enough points to go to Level 2 yet, =P

adrien: Ha ha, well, be thankful you don't have an overweight problem.