Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Warning! Reptiles ahead. You have been warned!

Work was fairly routine today. Just a new-fangled photocopy machine which required almost all my attention the entire day.

Things were fairly uneventful until evening when I went into the gents' and saw . . .

Yes, this larger-than-your-average gecko or house lizard was doing big jumps along the toilet wall, until it even caught my attention. It's as though it was squeaking "I'm here! I'm here" if it had any vocal chords.

I think it must be endowed with kangaroo genes.

Ahhh...I know, the idea of me taking this photo must be the ultimate expression of boredom. Sigh.


doc said...

are you sure it's not pleading : don't pee on me! don't pee on me!

adrien said...

eekz! cicak! my cats would have a ball with this guy i'm sure. they've gotten bored with roaches.

winniethepooh said...

if i see this, no time to take pic, run until dunnoe where already :P

eve said...

Wahhh..the fler stayed there until u kambek with the camera ar?..or U carry ur camera every where one?..hehe..

FireHorse said...

Hehe I just saw one today with three legs and was contemplating whether to take picture. So you see you are not the only one feeling bored la.

Las montañas said...

eeks, jonzz carries a camera in toilet!!

The gecko was enjoying its daily ammonia intake. Don't disturb!

poohbearee said...

Jonzz shall refrain from using the word BORED.
Reminder :P

Jonzz said...

doc: Wow, I didn't know you were well versed in Geckonese!

adrien: So I see you have feline bodyguards.

winniethepooh: LOL!! so scared of geckos, meh! Me, I hate snakes.

eve: Adoi, handphone in pocket lar.

firehorse: Take lar... can send to me for Photo Hunters under 'Crippled'. LOL, hmm I wonder if got such topic!

LM: Wah you Martian types understand gecko physiology so well. LOL!

PB: HA HA HA... I was waiting so long for someone to say that. So you get the award for 'First One Who Cannot Tahan and Remind Jonzz Not To Say He Is Bored ' Award. This medal not very big but it has a very long plaque. HA HA.

savante said...

Eeep!! Grossness!

Chen said...

hahaha, as long as the lizard won't drop down or land on the head..

zeroimpact said...

Lucky it did not come running after you squeaking, paparazi paparazi, give back photo

Las montañas said...

and be thankful it didn't scramble up your legs while you are engaged at the urinals.

Annie said...

yes, along the lines of what Monty expressed, but in my words:

why the F*cK did you bring a CAMERA to the bathroom?

do I want to know? Do i need to call a psych consult for you little brother? tsk. tsk.. poor geiko looks like he's doing his "thing" and you're interrupting him. I can imagine the geiko saying using a british accent, of course, "I wish that human would bugger off and leave me with some privacy, my goodness, what's it going to take to get a little time to myself. Bollocks"

JoMel said...

ayerrr... now I know why!!! Two nights ago, I dreamt of a lizard that looks exactly like that. It went under me when I was lying in bed. I was aware of it being there but I could not move. I was just struggling to get up and in the end I managed to, but the cicak was dismembered into two and there was its blood on the bedsheet. Gosh I have goosebumps relating this now. It was just so gory lah. Now I revisit your blog.. this is where I have seen it and I must have dreamt about it after visiting your blog! You lah!! LOL

JoMel said...

You remember me blogging about my conversation with the cicak in the bathroom? Well, we have something in common when we are bored. I talk to them, you take photos of them! kakakaka!!!

Jonzz said...

savante: Yes, a lizard in the loo is truly gross!

chen: No way!

zeroimpact: Hah, I would step on it then.

LM: Then I'll dance the Urinal Dance of Shaking the Lizard Off, Ha Ha

annie: The camera was in the phone and the phone was in my pocket and the paparazzi was still in a good state of mind.

jomel: LOL, being a bit blogging mad, I take photos of anything these days.