Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Left Penang at 11pm. Arrived in Terminal One at 4.30am today. Managed to get a cheaper cab at RM12. No sign of that old irritating Chinese taxi driver that is usually skulking around stalking me to take his overpriced taxi and boring me to tears with his long overtures. Managed to get an hour plus of sleep before crawling off to work.

Hmm... strangely, starting work on Tuesdays seems to be much more easier than Monday. Must be a psychological thing.

Are any of you into dream interpretations?

I seem to have this recurring dream that I am retaking the STPM exam (equivalent to A-levels) again but in my dream, I have already graduated from university. Silly right? But this dream has repeated itself over the years and when I wake up, I actually wonder; was I silly enough to retake that exam after graduation? LOL!


Las montañas said...

OK, you the pharaoh ah? need dream intepretation service? I charge US$100,000 per dream interpreted. :P

doc said...

alamak! piece of cake la!

you have some unresolved business from the past that is bothering you now, eg. an old classmate/colleague you need to speak to, an apology or a word of appreciation that needed to be conveyed, or (God forbid!) you cheated in the STPM & it's demons have come back to haunt you.

yeah, i also dreamed that the pharoah keep calling me "joseph".

Bibik Nyonya said...

welcome home buddy! Update more often lah!

stay-at-home mum said...

Your dream means that there is something from that time that you were unhappy about. Maybe a certain grade for a certain subject? You felt you could do better, maybe? Or are you approachigng something in life that is just as stressful as that time. OK, that will be $50.

eve said...

I oso always dream abt my univ exams..and during the 'exams' I would realised that I am already a practising doctor..how weird..

savante said...

Odd ream. Or you have an exam fetish? :P

poohbearee said...

If I reach home at 430am this morning, I would still be sleeping at home by now. Not at work. You r amazing.

zewt said...

hmmm... maybe you should stop working an study again? ... ok ok ... too common..

Jonzz said...

LM: Tsk tsk tsk... Nope, not Pharoah. Last I checked, you're not Joseph either. LOL!

doc: LOL, no idea! I wish it were that simple.

bibik nyonya: Thanks. Aiya, no blog fodder leh.

stay-at-home-mum: No idea. It just comes and goes.

eve: It can be darn scary when you're inside the dream. Cos I'm like thinking 'Hey, I'm working already. Why would I retake this exam?'

savante: Hmmm... You could have a point there

PB: Amazing? No, I'd rather be in bed.

zewt: I wish. Any sponsors? =P

Annie said...

Monty is running a scam now on?

ok.. I have a book on dream interpretation.. it's on my bookshelf somewhere.. but I used to have similar dreams.... the book would say:

Where in your life do you feel you are being tested?

Where in your life do you sense a need to quantify your competence or abilities.

these are the subliminal questions supposedly you are feeling about your life right now.

so, spill it - tell us.

Jonzz said...

Oh... that's an interesting analysis. Must reflect on it.

Thanks, Professor Annie.