Friday, July 20, 2007


Day 8 of 30

Gosh, I just realized I didn't update for two whole days.

Dang, at this rate, my online 'journal' is going to be full of gaps. Well, yesterday was a state holiday for us in Negeri Sembilan. It was to commemorate the birthday of our state ruler or Yamtuan.

I've been so lazy for the past two days. Just hanging out with friends and gaming. Mostly gaming.

I've also been indulging in a new craze: photography. And getting photo tips from a fellow blogger, merv who told me not to whine so much and compare my budget camera with SLRs, and the fact that I probably can get equally good pictures if I experimented around and asked. Dang, I'm so impatient!

Yay, on a lighter note, I'm in Photo Hunter's blogroll.

Annie, if you're reading this, all you need to jump on to the bandwagon is to follow the instructions at tnchick's site to get onto the blogroll. You MUST post the themed photo for that Saturday on Saturday itself, or Friday(if you are busy). It's in the spirit of fun and games, and someone's photo will be picked as a photo for the week.The entire theme list for the year 2007 is already out so you can pick or click yor photos in advance.

Anyway, in the course of photo taking, I've remembered something interesting which I have taken for granted and forgotten over the years:

Lesson from a lotus flower in my garden tub:

Even flowers know how to take a break at the end of the day.
(But is it the same flower? Hmmmm )


winniethepooh said...

Do remember to take the time to smell the roses (or in your case here..the lotus) :)

thats a beautiful lotus

eve said...

Eh issit same with lin ngau?..can make soup?

Jimbo said...

Same gwa. Looks the same...

Wuching said...

nice water lily, i tried growing them here but to no avail

Las montañas said...

The lotus was a little peeved when the waterlily was called in her place! :P

Annie said...

Well, I just got through half the instructions on how eBay works and I've got a headache.. so your instructions for blogroll sounds easier. I just don't like being "tracked".. know what I mean? Everytime I leave a mark somewhere, I'm making myself open to the public. Freaks me out. Losing that sense of control. False sense of security, but *shrug*. I try to be careful.

goodshithappens said...

yes i agree - you can make equally good photos with a digicam! but first, the digicam must also be decently good. then with digital enhancements and what not, sure to get SLR quality pictures!

Jonzz said...

Winniethepooh, no roses here. LOL, the lotus may be pretty, but you should look at the tub it's in. HA HA!

Eve, I think so. But I think my dad will kill me if I uprooted his 'ling ngao' to find out. ROFL!

Jimbo, Not sure leh, HA HA!

Wuching, is it a weather thing?

LM, AIKS, is that a waterlily or a lotus? Seriously, what is it?

Annie, oh okay. I guess I do give myself a false sense of security by not posting my picture in the blog.

Serene, haiz, still trying for the perfect photo. I'm so impatient.

Liz said...

Beautiful flowers!

Bernard said...

Eh.. water lotus and water lily are different la.

Woww.. does it open and close everyday? I didn't know that.

Jonzz said...

liz: Thanks

bernard: Actually not sure. But monitoring.