Monday, July 2, 2007

My Weekend: Prawn Mee, Dead Rats and a 'Single' Sermon

Well, I had the most eventful weekend ever.

It started with my church cell group meeting. We had a prawn mee fiesta at Jimbo's place on Friday. After which, we watched Groundhog Day, a very nice old movie starring Bill Murray.

Anyway, that's besides the point.

Being now almost full-blooded bloggers, we had to camwhore the prawn noodles. Did you know you can actually tell a lot about a man's character by the way he prepares his prawn mee?

LOL, ok I made that up on the spot but see for yourselves.

Jimbo's 'Authentic' Prawn Mee

Terence's 'Nutritious' Prawn Mee

Jonzz' 'Overloaded and Overdecorated' Prawn Mee

For a change of pace, on Saturday, I went to Subang and had a rocking good time with some of my buddies, Duzhai and gang, and came back in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

At this juncture, I would like to bring you this sobering message from Subang:

Poor rat, I'm guessing that smoking with cotton buds was what did him in.

Then finally on Sunday, of course, I woke up late for church. (Don't follow my example, I'm evil) Anyway, I looked at the clock and thought it must be lunchtime already but NOOO...... it was 9 o'clock. So dragging my feet out of bed, I managed to reach in church in time to catch Sherman's sermon.

And boy, I must say he outdid himself today.

He vocalized strongly what I've been discussing on and off with my church friends. The church has been subtlely treating single people as 'different' or 'abnormal' by putting them into 'singles' CG where hopefully 'something will happen', and organizing events like marriage counselling seminars where 'single people are also welcome'. Sigh.

Anyway, some familiar key quotes he highlighted from Paul the apostle:
  • Single people are better able to serve God because they are not committed to family affairs.
  • Paul advocated marriage only if you cannot tahan (can't stand being single)
It's good that he has brought this up.

No institution or person is right all the time; and by that, I have taken the church as an example. People need to speak up and discuss with open minds whenever issues arise.

That, in my book, is the key to unity and growth.


ChinkinIn said...

Amazing the length and breadth this particular post of yours traversed. Loved the 4 seasons of Prawn Mee. That rat looks like one of those cuter types. But still vermin.

'Singe CGs'? LOL. Good intentions all. And we thought only the Singapore government resort to such tactics.

Las montañas said...

You sure the rat didn't mati after the prawn mees? eyeing suspiciously at jimbo's.

eve said...

My version of prawn mee will be like Jimbo's but minus the why u no like the soup one ar?..dry dry one? Kon lou prawn mee?

Jonzz said...

- You trying to say I'm long winded in a nice way, izzit? LOL, Kidding.
- Rat? Cute? Gosh, no way.
- *Laughing at SG Govt comment. They probably have something in common.

[LM]: ROFL..

[eve]: This is called the 'mei-ka-tong-min' (Not-yet-add-soup mee) ROFL!

Wuching said...


Bernard said...

My Hokkien Mee.. tambah cili. Thank you.

team.warsurfer said...

Haha.. the smoking rat rocks.. !

winniethepooh said...

Jonzz, you finished the whole bowl with soup too? I like mine dry, with TONS of chilli ;)

K.K. said...

sluuurrps... the 'Overloaded and Overdecorated' Prawn Mee looked best! where's tis prawn mee stall again? LOL!

me said...

crap! now you've got me craving for some!

Bibik Nyonya said... sure have a big appetite! Ha ha ha!

Jonzz said...

[wuching]: of course!

[bernard]: come seremban, your prawn mee is ready, LOL.

[warsurfer]: LOL, didn't realize the cigarette box is there until I saved the pic.

[winniethepooh]: of course, i haven't put the soup yet. I actually don't eat prawn mee that frequently.

[k.k]: The Restaurant is called Jimbo's House. LOL!

[me]: Muahaha, my plan succeeded!

[bibik nyonya]: Growing pot belly ma.