Monday, July 23, 2007

Sambal Petai and Steak : A Blogger Meet

LOL, coming up with meaningful or humorous entry titles is a chore in itself. Looking at my convoluted header today just makes me want to laugh again!

We had another CG dinner on Friday. (Yeah right... Jonzz talks about nothing but food all the time)

Anyway, this dinner is a first for me as I had to cook this.

Yup, sambal petai. (Yeah yeah... Jonzz talks about nothing but his dramatized first cooking attempts all the time)

For the uninitiated, petai is a crunchy green bean, well known to the average Malaysian, which ranks close to durian in the stink department. Go google it.

The night before our CG, Jimbo's wife passed me a bunch of petai during Chinese class. I love petai and had been meaning to cook them, having procured a bottle of 'sambal petai' mix a month ago. However, yours procrastinatingly has not bought the most important ingredient, the petai. So finally, Jimbo must have run out of patience and decided to move things along and suddenly I had the entire CG as guinea pigs for my first attempt.

Well, the verdict. . .


LOL, anyway, the so-called sambal petai mix seems more like 90% prawn belachan and 10% oil, without any spice factor.

And I have to finish it within a month now the jar is opened.

Be careful, read the fine print. Some food mixes have that line: 'Expiry date: 2010', but in small print, 'Finish within a month when opened'.

I have to admit it was the most rushed cooking job I've ever done.

Imagine, peeling the petai under the curious but concerned glances of your cleaning lady. 'Eh, you know how to peel petai or not?'. Sheesh! She peeled one before I could stop her. I mean, she's not paid to do that. Anyway, peel, peel, peel.

Then Terence dropped by, having been unexpectedly locked out of the house. We usually carpool to go for CG meetings. Finally, I managed to finish peeling in under 40 minutes. The cleaning lady came around again, 'Wah, you peel so fast'. What to say, I kembanglah a bit... Don't play play...

Next came the cooking. I think my nasal organs must have malfunctioned a bit that day. Terence was coughing away in the living room while I cooked the pungent dish. I was non the worse for wear. So that was it. My first attempt at cooking sambal petai. All done in less than an hour. Not bad, hor...

If you are still here and have not been bored to tears at this point, I would like to consult you on cooking sambal petai, especially the expert lady cooks out there:
  • How in the world do you spice up a bland mix of sambal petai?

Then, on Saturday, I met up with two blogger doctors for the first time, eve and yenjai. Had lunch with eve first at San Francisco steakhouse and took the following picture to tempt bernard, as we were challenged.

Quite an interesting meeting. I shall try not to divulge too much. We must adhere to the unwritten Blogger's Code of Privacy. (ROFL.. just pretend I'm drunk on iced coffee while writing this)

We tried to con yenjai who had no idea what I looked like.

Oh, forgot to mention, Duzhai accompanied me there as my co-pilot navigator. I suck at maps. Oops, deviated again.

Anyway, I asked Duzhai and eve to go into yenjai's clinic first and pretend to be me. Unfortunately, yenjai was too smart to be conned. Dang! Well, it was fun planning the ruse anyway.

Gotta admit, meeting bloggers in person can be great fun but still, a word from the 'wise', always exercise caution when you are meeting people for the first time; especially the young ladies. Don't go unaccompanied and don't go to secluded places.

And Bernard, in case the first picture was not good enough, NAH.....


stay-at-home mum said...

Congrats Jonzz!! LOL, if everyone is still alive it must have gone pretty well! I love petai with sambal!

Bernard said...

Ish.. making me lau nua liao. :-)

You haven't what we had yet! Met ECL, LB, Chen and Angel last night for dinner. A very late dinner.

eve said...

It was nice meeting you in person ..and Duzhai too..though he was a tad bit quiet...haha..aisey , memang not easy to conned Yenjai ler..but he did have the quizzical look initially when I intro Duzhai to him as you..Gosh..I shud get an oscar for that..LOL..

eve said...

Soli..*to con*

Kenny Mah said...


Just dropping by... I love sambal petai... do you crush the petai slightly before cooking though? I find that releases the flavour even more.

Yums... ;)


poohbearee said...

Petai = stink beans?? EEeeekkks. Dun think I will try that.

You asked Duzhai to pretend to be u? LOL. I imagine u both to be v different lor.

Las montañas said...

jonzz's petai dish gets 5 out of 10! heehee. no lah, you forgot to add more chilli paste and chopped bawang putih.

doc said...

am i the only one who thinks the steak is a tad pale, as in anaemic?

& where's the gravy to go with it?

K.K. said...

wow, the petais are humongous! must be quite a stinko! haha. did u cook the rest as well?

went to san francisco steakhouse too last wkend, and that would be my last. the food hisaps (translate that to Eng), menu boring. lamb chop was essentially a thick slab of animal lard, and they served raw meat when i ordered for medium-rare. have nvr had gd experience with san francisco. then again only went there coz Chili's was fully booked. LOL!

FireHorse said...

Wow sounds like it is very fun to meet bloggers. Thanks for the cautionary note, although it does not apply to lau ee like me but nevertheless a very good one for young ladies to take note.

Annie said...

I don't see any utensils. Just scissors. You eat with scissors? My. my... you all cavemen.

Where's my share?

I agree about meeting new people. Dark alleyways are just a no-no. Always bring a companion too if you are female.

winniethepooh said...

Just like durian, you either Love it or Hate it. Taste of petai is an acquired taste too. I'll give petai a miss although I love durian ;)

Must be lots of fun meeting up the other bloggers :)

Jonzz said...

stay-at-home-mum: At least you said, Congrats instead of Thank God, LOL!!!!

bernard: Gosh, I already saw on this LB's blog. Wah, drool until 3 feet long (Chinese idiom), KA KA

eve: Presenting 2007 Malaysia Oscars, Dr Eve for Best Con... award.. KA KA KA

Kenny Mah: Hi, thanks for dropping. You're the only one who actually left any tips. Crush the petai huh. Ok will try that.

PB: LOL, you must try! Or else how can you live up to the title of Singapore Superwoman =P

LM: Oooh, you are also a petai lover?

doc: LOL, that's the first time I hear anyone call a steak anaemic! Sigh, it did have very little gravy. I prefer Chili's!

k.k: No I only contributed one dish. Jimbo's missus did the rest. I agree with you, Chili's is the best, and I've only eaten steak twice! HA HA

firehorse: Oh yeah, it's great fun. Wah you're in Malaysia. Didn't meet any of your kopitiam kakis?

annie: No, no, here in Malaysia, they feed us hence no need for utensils. HA HA HA

winniethepooh: Jonzz loves petai. Being a living bomb is kind of cool. HA HA HA Kidding!

YogaJess said...

What happen to all the pic? Eaten by you guys too?