Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transformations and Weight Reductions

It was great watching Transformers come to life on the big screen.

One thing about watching a great movie. Don't get your expectations too hyped up before you watch it. It spoils the enjoyment factor. As a result, the movie was just so-so for me.

One thing I always liked about Transformers are the transformations and the merchandise that goes with it. Owning a Transformer was a childhood fantasy. But I did end up owning a few. But looking at these new-fangled transformations in the movie, I doubt any toy can capture that level of complexity.

OK, time to stop before I start giving spoilers.

Happy to say, I have successfully persevered at my diet for a few days now. Well, this time round, I intend it to be a lifelong thing and handle it on a day-to-day basis. I think that would be more effective.

As for the results, only time will tell.


zeroimpact said...

I do not own any transformer toys
That is what I heard too from a colleague of mine
But will watch it anyway

JoMel said...

haha... you know.. I am less inclined to jump onto the bandwagon to say that the movie was GREAT as perceived by the general population, yet I was worried of bricks thrown at me if I were to say that the movie was "just so-so". But since you said it, alright.. I am in your club lah!! Hahah..

On dieting, most important is not to feel hungry. better to satisfy your hunger by having small frequent meals or else your body will start storing cos' it knows you are starving yourself.

Wuching said...

i lost 3 kilos also, now i'm down to my ideal weight of 75 kilo!

poohbearee said...

Pls give some tips on your diet.

mott said...

truth be told, I'd see the movie solely to see their transformations, too. I don't care about the story line. I've always watched the cartoons solely for the transformation..especially that sound effect...... ah...what memories!

yea..hvn't seen it yet! Mr.T desperately wants to take me out a date to see it..but I'm so leceh la... LOL!

winniethepooh said...

keep up that determination with ur diet jonzz :)

K.K. said...

am i the only unique homosapien here who haven't watch transformers? sigh... Officer John McClane was good though! Yippeekayay... *****!

Jonzz said...

[zeroimpact]: Watch it, it's cool but don't learn too much about it up front.

[jomel]: You are entitled to your own opinion, ha ha. Don't worry, my 'diet' has binging privileges.

[wuching]: I'm so jealous. That's my target weight too.

[poohbearee]: Tips? from wuching?

[mott]: Go! Go! Don't be so lazy!

[winniethepooh]: ROFL... tough tough... I love eating

[k.k]: HEY! I thought u saw it already!

Annie said...

Boys and their toys.. Silly mean.

I just watched "The Pursuit of Happyness".. good .. no GREAT movie to watch - inspiring and hopeful tale of a true story.

I agree about the hype - I can't watch the movie trailers on movies I want to see because they'll show the best parts of the movie.

Jonzz said...

Annie: HA HA HA HA... Boys will have their toys and so will gals!

Hmm, dunno much about 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. Shall google it later.

I do realize that the best movies I've enjoyed are the one where I have had absolutely no foreknowledge whatsoever. So I actually enjoyed 'Independance Day' years ago despite the cliche and corniness.