Saturday, July 7, 2007

You Write Like A Girl!

The other day, I was bloghopping as usual. I have to admit I like following the 'famous' bloggers like Kenny Sia and his female counterpart down south, Xia Xue.

Anyway, it was in this sequence of bloghopping yesterday, that the horrible inner voice whispered, 'Jonzz, you write like a girl'.

Of course, this thought could easily have sprung from an earlier conversation I had with another blogger. She said, 'The first few times, I read your blog, I couldn't decide if you were a guy or a girl because it was so ... deep'. Aiks!!!!

Then out of curiosity (and also some worry), we decided to MSN another blogger who did not know me personally. Her response was 'What?! Jonzz is not a guy?'

Phew... breath... *Sigh of relief*

LOL, but it doesn't stop me wondering. Is there a 'guy' or macho way of blogging, and vice versa? When guys blog about personal stuff and use cute expressions, does it create the impression that the author is feminine? Are there ways of structuring your sentences and ideas that actually reveal creates an image of what your gender is?

Hmm.. I wonder. What do you think?


poohbearee said...

Hmmm...I did not doubt u weren't a guy when I first visited to blog. But can't rem why.

No lah. You don't blog like a ger. Nothing to do with sentence structures. And we dun want Jonzz to start blogging abt all his MCP ideas to show he is a man.

BUT, for a start, perhaps u can post an avator of your manly pic! LOL.

team.warsurfer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
team.warsurfer said...


Give me your email address and I'll email you his pic so you can judge how manly he is.... LOL!

**SHH~ Dont tell him I told you this!**


Celestine said...

so i dont get it... do girls blog deep or guys blog deep? and are you a girl or a guy?? haha sorry!

anyw, what hv u heard about The Golden Compass? You really should read the books first - His Dark Materials. You would love the movie a ton better then.

:D cheerios

poohbearee said...

Terence, NO thank you!!!
And wat comments did u write that need to be deleted? LOL.

K.K. said...

my gawd Jonzz is not a chick?!! man, means all this while im visiting a mah lat lou's blog?
*starts to regurgitate*
haha, kiddin ya! you blog like a He-Man!

winniethepooh said...

In fact, I never really think about the gender behind the blogger :P somehow, u didnt came across to me as a gal though :)

ChinkinIn said...

I think writing style would only subtly suggest the writer's gender. If you posted a pic, that would completely sway everyone's perception. What does it matter anyway?

Las montañas said...

cannot be ger lah.. all the dark dark background. but is likely a 14 y.o kid. :P

Jonzz said...

Poohbearee: LOL, I just don't want to post it publicly on my blog, but actually most of my blog links know how I look like.

warsurfer: Tsk... tsk.. tsk... want to die young, ar! LOL!

celestine: Thanks for the book info. At least I have some books to check out next I go to the bookstore.

PB: Hmm, was that him who deleted? How did you know?

k.k: I don't like He-Man. *Sulk* ROFL!

winniethepooh: Wah, thank you. A little affirmation goes a long way. =P

chinkinin: LOL, it happens. Once in a while, I think funny stuff. (I can hear Annie saying, Once in a while??!!!)

*Pounding LM for overextended 13/14 year old kid jokes* LOL!

adrien said...

perception is reality. exceptionally true in writing, i think.

stay-at-home mum said...

My apologies, I really thot you were a gal ... maybe it was the name that made me think so. It had nothing to do with the way you wrote. I only found out last week, when I decided to check your profile. Dont know why, tho!

Annie said...

"You write like a girl!"

OMG Jonzz, you crack me up. I'm ROFLMAO at that title entry. If there's any consolation, you write like a THINKER....

I guess some guy bloggers would indeed write about shallow crap and post nude pictures of women... (I'm still waiting for Monty on this) but then again, there are female bloggers who can't write anything deeper than what their next lip gloss is going to be or when their next drinking party is.

You write like a thinker. It's a compliment. Dork. Now shut up about writing like a girl. I'm a GIRL and I write... like a GIRL. LOL

Jonzz said...

adrien: That sounds so profound. Perception is reality. Hmm, have a lot of thoughts on that but from multiple aspects. The movie Matrix comes to mind, though.

stay-at-home-mum: LOL, don't worry, no offense taken. After all, I never post pics.

annie: LOL... ha ha ha, I don't know. The thought was so funny I just had to write about it. That's what blogs are about, right?

me said...

you don't write like a girl....and it never ever crossed my mind that jonzz is a girl....

maybe the name's unisex, i guess.

don't worry. what you write about, how deep or how personal, only shows us the real doesn't reflect your sexuality or masculinity. your friend's theory is flawed. what is men supposed to blog about? fast cars and good sex??! hahaha. a man is not defined by what he likes or does not like.

Jonzz said...

me: LOL, the name's origin is martian, DC comic superhero Martian. Let's make Monty the scapegoat, ROFL.

mott said...

*yawwwns and wakes up*

grrrl? What grrl???

jonzz grrrl???? he cooks and he writes poetry. Hmm.... does he knit ?

Jonzz said...

mott: Knitting? No way, I'd go nuts. LOL! Kidding, no patience.