Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Expenses, Greed and a Snakeskin

Sigh... yes, you see the little ad on my blog. I said I'd do it and finally I did it.

This morning, I woke up, reversed my car down the slope and discovered my brakes were well, not functioning. Drat!

Nothing beats that get-you-down feeling (I can't find a better word) than unexpected expenses after payday.

So, in a momentary lack of self control and newfound sense of money mindedness, yours truly registered for Nuffnang and in the span of 10 minutes, added an ad. (Oooh, rhymes doesn't it)

OK, enough about myself. Actually I wouldn't have felt the pinch so much if I hadn't 'invested' in something last Sunday. I shall tell you... wait, I shall show you in good time. I bet LM and Annie will be splitting their sides laughing over it.

This is getting boring so I'll just show you my new discovery last Sunday. The warden at my workplace brought a snakeskin to the office. Ever the nature paparazzi, I asked him to let me take a few shots. Ta da....

Lovely, isn't it! I touched it.. felt like something between sandpaper and gauze. Anyway, after checking out the photo on my computer, I discovered something so worthy of a ex-science stream student.

You know right, they say, that snakes have no eyelids. But looking at the photo, you can see a layer where the eyes are.

You know what that means right. When the snake sheds its skin, it also sheds a layer over its eyes. Ugh. . . . *Shiver*

Is it any wonder I don't like wearing contact lenses.


Las montañas said...

euwww! that is so inhygienic! picking up a "used" skin, macam used condom lidat. said...

No appetite for dinner
I will revenge

m5lvin said...

juk juk juk....kulit ular yang impressive sekali...

JoMel said...

Last time I saw lizard pic on your blog, I dreamt the gross-est dream of squashing a lizard!

This time, I see snakeskin. URGH!!

winniethepooh said...

what is ur warden going to do with that snake skin? I dont like to wear contact difficult to put in and i'll always tear. Forget it, i'll stick with my glasses whenever i need :)

Annie said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a rope.. then I read. *shivering*... Have I ever told you the story of my ex-boyfriend who owned a python and it snuck out of its aquarium in our little 1 bedroom apartment? We knew it was in the apartment because we kept finding these dead skin.... Wanna know where I found the live snake? and if you ever wonder what the Python snake eats.. it's a LIVE rat. Not a dead one, you have to buy a LIVE RAT at the pet store. The crap I did for my ex-BF back then. I must have been insane. One time.. okay.. maybe I won't tell you.

me said...

gross! gross! *runs off*

me said...

waitaminit *pokes head backs in* you didn't tell us what you invested in last sunday?

Bibik Nyonya said...

aiyoh...the snake can shed so nicely...mine so messy...she keeps leaving bits of skin all over the tank and i have to clean up. Grrr!!

Jonzz said...

[LM]: ROFL, you can even make a sexual joke from a snake skin..

[yenjai]: Yes, take revenge. Go eat some snake.

[m5lvin]: Pretty hor.

[jomel]: Sorrreeeeeeeee... tada benda that are more interesting to write.

[winniethepooh]: Oh the warden showed us then chucked it, I suppose. I just photographed it for fun.

[annie]: Yuck, pet python. You could have ended up at pet food.

[me]: Wow, you're fast

[me]: So much for all that running

[bibiknyonya]: YOU HAVE A PET SNAKE?!