Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jonzz's Man-Dog Theory

Hmm, the blogosphere seems noticeably quieter this past week.

I'm bored of creating cutesy awards already. Out of steam already. Requests will be considered though. He he...

I've been trying to give Scooby a haircut yesterday. He's my dog lar. What are you thinking?! I doubt anyone else would dare to let me touch their crowning glory.

Hey, don't touch my cute hair!

Anyway, it has once again brought to my mind how interesting the human-pet relationship is.

Some people like the authoritarian approach. They want a pet to be blindly obedient. "I feed you, therefore I own you. You disobey me, you die!" Well, something along those lines. Or "You must let them know who is the boss! Or they will walk over you. You are the new leader of the pack. You must show your dominance!".

You can usually recognize their pets by their extreme behaviour. On one hand, they have very low self esteem. They pee at the littlest provocation. On the other hand, there are some which are even more pitiful. They can't take a bite of their food until the owner says 'Go'. Of course, when the boss is away, the doggy will play. Well, teens are not the only rebellious creatures on earth.

On the other extreme of the owner types are those who spoil their pets silly by loving them to bits. The pets are almost waited upon hand and foot by their owners. They are fed with the best graded organic food and given extensive grooming, pedicures and manicures. Some are even clothed with the best in dog fashion and jewelry. Gosh, I wonder if even their children have it so good.

OK, I seem to have sidetracked quite a bit. I used to be an advocate of the tough approach. No nonsense from a dog. I mean, you wouldn't want your dog to bite people when they are not in the mood, or laugh in your face when you beg them to listen to you. But over the years I guess I've mellowed and I find that actually handling my dog has become much more easier. Maybe it has a bit to do with the nature of the dog. My dog is of the smart yet lovable breed.

You have to admit that it's not easy to bathe or groom a dog when it's not chained. Nobody likes to be manhandled. There's a high level of trust involved(and some occasional bribing).

Yes, I confess I bribed my dog with branded doggy treats to let me cut his hair. Cut some, bribe some. A packet of 'Jer-High' dog food can surprisingly have a hypnotic effect on a dog being shorn. LOL... Well, I'm managed to cut 60% of his hair, phew! 40% to go.

Sigh... being in the garden makes a dog prone to matted hair, especially in the rainy season. Take my advice, if you want a dog, get a short haired one.

Especially, Terence's mega cute Snoop Dog whom everyone seems to want to kidnap at the moment. ROFL!


me said...

but his hair looks so cuteeeeeeee. looking at his pool of brown eyes......can fall in love lah. *planning on execution of operation 'abducting scooby'*

Firehorse said...

The short hair ones dun shed as much hair as well right? Your doggie very cute lar :D

m5lvin said...

My cousin is one of those who spoil their pets...

there was once (i live at her place in kl) when I was eating noodles...I left it there (halfway) to the toilet...came out saw her dog eating my noodles....I scolded the dog..bad dog...

told her about it...She scolded me back..bcoz apparently I din wipe his mouth and for giving the dog bad bad unhealthy food...grr

winniethepooh said...

ur doggie very cute :)

poohbearee said...

I look forward to meeting Scooby and Snoopy. It is COMPULSORY for Jonzz and Terence to bring their dogs if there is any blogger meet :)

team.warsurfer said...

Jonzz: LOL thankx for ur post... people should be encouraged to post more of their dog's photos.. haha..

Poohbearee: U wanna meet Shaggy and Charlie Brown as well? lolx...

Jonzz said...

ME: Quick, abduct him. Then you can cut his hair.

firehorse: Oh, they do shed but their hair is shorted and less prone to matting.

m5lvin: Time for you to put your psychological skills to good use and counsel your cuckoo cousin.

winniethepooh: Yeah, that's why I post pics of him instead of myself . GA HA HA HA HA

PB: Sweat... bring dogs to a blogger's meet. You handle their toilet calls.

Terence: She only wants to meet LM the alien.

Annie said...

You know, a lot of deranged husbands treat their wives like that.. actually, some wives treat their HUSBANDs like that too.. LOL!

Ugh.. I do recommend a couple own a dog BEFORE having children.. it's a sure way of finding out each other's level of patience, need for dominance and such.

There's always a need for balance especially raising children. It's a hard job. Dogs are the best though!

I just love scooby.. come here Scooby, come to mama... come home to me. :D