Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lemon Rosemary Roast Chicken

It's now the unholy hour after midnight and I'm suffering a hangover from an intake of McDonald's new McValue nugget set. Dang these new 24 hours shops!

Phew! A dozen nuggets is no joke... Burp!

Anyway, I have a new cooking project.

Hey, when a guy cooks, it's a project which is why I blog about it. Ha ha!

Anyway, after become quite the pro with Mott's char siew recipe now modified into Jonzz's char siew chicken recipe, yours truly has discovered the new 'Lemon Rosemary Roast Chicken'.

Please don't ask me how it tastes like. I don't know yet. I just found the recipe and the owner boasted that it tastes better than butter chicken.

Sigh, and Duzhai has labelled me, 'Househusband to No-one'. Of all the nerve, LOL!


Annie said...

Good man that Duzhai.. Househusband to no-one.. LOL! You've been labeled Jonzz. Now, hurry up and cook me something.

Wuching said...

dinner at your place tonight

Las montañas said...

I'll bring some wine. *smacks lips* roast chicken with herbs!

me said...

hmmmm....sounds yummy. so? go cook it already and show us the photos. *licking lips*

winniethepooh said...

I like butter chicken if its better than that one..i'll be definitely looking forward to ur pic of ur finished lemon rosemary roast chicken! :)

well, i think a guy who can cook is always attractive, very good husband material too :)

poohbearee said...

LOL at winniethepooh's comments.

Please delivery the rosemary chicken to spore okie? heehee

SilverWillow said...

Can't wait to see a photo. It sounds heavenly to me.

zeroimpact said...

Cooking is a good thing
If only I could
Keep it up and pics of the dish k

team.warsurfer said...

Hungry liow......



m5lvin said...

rosemary with grilled pork is great..~ yumm*

Jonzz said...

[annie]: I can always cook you something. But can you come over in time for dinner? =P

[wuching]: Come, what time is your flight?

[LM]: White wine or red?

[me]: mua ha ha, way ahead of you.

[winniethepooh]: Hmm, then again, a husband who cooks might be a bit on the heavy side.

[poohbearie]: Umm.. couldn't control myself. Can I fedex the bones as a sample?

[silverwillow]: Will do!

[zeroimpact]: OK man!

[warsurfer]: HA HA, next round for CG!

[m5lvin]: Like to eat pork. But don't like to cook pork. Smelly