Thursday, August 23, 2007


There are two movies I nearly gave a miss this year, assuming them to be well, lousy movies. One was Die Hard 4.0, and the other is well, this animated movie, Ratatouille.

In a joint bored mood yesterday, me and 2 other buddies went out to watch Ratatouille. It was full house at Jusco. Calling and online booking only elicited lame negative responses so we decided to skip to the neighbouring Terminal One and try our luck.

In Seremban these days, on Wednesdays(cheaper ticket day!) and weekends, it's almost impossible to get tickets for newly released good movies at Jusco but hop by to old Terminal One and chances are, you can easily get a ticket. Cos (1) parking is not free at T1 and (2) Terminal One is no longer THE happening place in Seremban.

One word: WOW!

The animation was so smooth and beautiful, you don't even think it's an animation. The French ambience that was projected through the movie was enchanting and the characters were loveable.

Imagine, they made me root for a rat??!! Heck, have you seen those big fat rats coming out of the drains in KL. *Shudder*

Verdict: It's a great movie. See, boredom can be good. It makes you watch nice movies you would miss in your presumptiousness.


Annie said...

Yay! We agree! it was a great movie. .. not for kids (they lost interest), but for adults.. quite good and the cooking antics were great. "Anybody can cook"! lol

team.warsurfer said...

*Make the meat tender*

*Huge strong muscular rat punches the meat*

LOL.. my favourite scene!

poohbearee said...

Movie not showing in Spore yet.
I will watch it since Annie and Jonzz recommend it. If it turns out to be boring, Jonzz I get refund from you ok? :p

Jonzz said...

Annie: High Five!

Warsurfer: My favourite scene, Anton Ego's moment. Had me in stitches.

PB: Ha ha ha ha... you dream a lot, don't you! If the movie is boring, it means your sense of humour needs tuning. KA KA KA KA KA KA(Evil Thursday mood)

K.K. said...

hmm, im bored. exam's over, still stressed out coz results are gonna be announced tmr. shud i go catch this rat movie in jusco? decisions... decisions...

sengkor said...

wanna watch this weekends..

me said...

*pouting* i'm still mil-sitting....have to find time to sneak off and watch....budden i'll feel guilty. sigh!

Hijackqueen said...

When are you going to cook for me the Ratatouille omelette?