Thursday, July 12, 2007

Die Hard 4.0 and Daemons

** Flattered: Yours truly received a bit ego boost when my church buddy, Sherman asked for 'pirating rights' to my blog entry yesterday to reproduce it wholesale on his blog yesterday. Yes, I love flattery. Who doesn't?

I watched Die Hard 4.0 last night.

And I must say it has exceeded all my expectations. I had absolutely no intention of watching it, if my friends had not asked me to. Somehow the idea of an aged Bruce Willis in action did not quite fit my perception of a good action movie.

LOL, I stand corrected. I'm gonna be nice here and not give you any spoilers. Go watch it. It's quite good.

Yesterday, yours truly did this questionnaire from an upcoming movie, The Golden Compass and got this result:

Gotta admit though, the first time I did it, I was in a foul mood, rushed through the questions and got a crow, instead of the snow leopard. The second time round, I was in a calmer more peaceful state.

By the way, you should google the word 'daemon'. It can actually mean a program, a guardian spirit or a devil.

Interesting, huh.

Actually, I did this quiz because of the beautiful flash thingy you can add to your blog. Ha ha ha.


eve said...

Yeah , my nurse told me it was good too..but like u , i was skeptical..haha..but now since u oso confirmed that it is worth watching..mebbe I will give it a go..

Las montañas said...

I got Lynx!

Wuching said...

hehehe..u got sucked in by the beautiful flash thingy!

poohbearee said...

i cant find the quiz.

me said...

5 adjectives. how many is accurate?

Annie said...

I heard this movie is outstanding! I loved all the other Die Hard movies, the first one will always be my favorite. Have not seen it yet.. but I will.

You get the job done (responsible), you prefer to work alone (solitary), you expect to be paid well for what you do (Competitive) and you don't mind requesting it (assertive) but you don't brag about it to your co-workers (modest)


Annie said...

I am a osprey daemon.. I am modest, solitary, proud, relaxed and softly spoken.

Poohbee, I clicked on Jonzz's compass thingy and it took me to the site, I had to click through a few pages.

Jonzz said...

eve: Watch it lar. I think it's worth watching.

LM: Growl! LOL!

wuching: Yalor!

Poohbearee: Can find. Look under daemons and hunt from there.

ME: Lemme see:
- Responsible - Try to be
- Solitary - By nature
- Competitive - Yup
- Assertive - for my rights, yup
- Modest - well, 50-50

annie: LOL, you related everything to work!! ROFL, nononononononon

annie: So how true are your five adjectives?

team.warsurfer said...

Daemon a program = Daemon Tools... I'm using it.. :)

adrien said...

eesh ur daemon's prettier than mine. (thats the "competetive" part of me daemon talking lol)

winniethepooh said...

DH4 was good but I find it a little too butt got a little if its never ending.

Bruce Wills has another movie, I'm not sure if its a long ago or recent one, "Perfect Strangers" with Halle Berry. This movie is great with a twist. I enjoyed it alot!

Jonzz said...

warsurfer: Never heard of that one before.

adrien: Ya, it most definitely is the 'competitive' part speaking.

winniethepooh: Was it that long. LOL, I didn't really notice.