Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Day 27 of 30

There are times in life when one has to put their foot down and say 'Enough is enough'. When the idea to persevere and hoping things will turn out better, is reduced to wishful thinking and will only cause more harm to oneself eventually

Like trying to salvage a relationship gone sour. Like trying to fit into a place where communication is like chicken and duck talk. Like trying to exercise your ideals where people rigidly stick to the status quo and any change is rocking the boat.

There is a time to bail out. It's not a sin.

The leaves have fallen
The long winter has come
A cold wind blows
And I long for home
The fire has stopped burning
The cinders cease to glow
I look back once more
And bid, Shalom

Peace and farewell.


winniethepooh said...

its is day 27 of 30 already? time passes that quickly...

True true, i agree, there comes a point when one has to put the foot down and say, 'enough is enough'. Sometimes we care too much for other people's feeling and neglect our own. I'm still trying not to feel gulity whenever I turn down someone else's request and put what I need to do for myself first. Is that selfish? I dont know..

eve said...

This is the deepest yet...haihss.

Bibik Nyonya said...

you got tagged!!

Las montañas said...

life is a journey. we move on.

poohbearee said...

It may not be easy to let go and move on sometimes. Hope everything will be fine for u again soon...

me said... what context is today's post? what's happening in jonzzy's life?....*wondering wistfully*

zeroimpact said...

Wishful thinking is one thing
Hope is another
I guess we will never know when to stop until it's too late and well, when we do stop, it is often not pretty

Wuching said...

u jewish ah?

m5lvin said...

Enough is enough.....maybe we should've stop earlier......but that wouldn't be who we are.....

Jonzz said...

Thanks for concern. Haiz, this was one major rant. Lazy to think about it already.

doc said...

like trying to put a square peg into a round slot?

don't worry la, bro, somewhere out there is a square slot just for you.

heh heh.

marcel said...

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