Friday, August 17, 2007

Two More Awards on a Furaidei

It's Friday and my brain is slow
But there are awards I forgot to bestow
On two church pals no less
For them I've saved some of the best

One is a doctor, wise and friendly
But his famous blog is rated PG
For naughty postings and suggestive pics
I give Jimbo Triple X this week

The next is Warsurfer, cloud paparazzi
His latest victim is his cute beagle puppy
Has he abandoned Paris, I think NOT
For Terence, you surely deserve this award!


eve said...

Can we then safely say Jimbo is the "Most Humsup Male Doctor" in the world ?..Hehe...looking for a partner la me...

Las montañas said...

jonzz, blog police here. You spelt the title for jimbo wrong. It should be Most Promiscuous Medical Blog.

poohbearee said...

Terence's Snoppy is making its appearance so often. LOL.

Jonzz said...

eve: That sounds SO... wrong...

LM: Unfortunately hor, I don't understand that word. HA HA

PB: Snoopy! Snoopy! You call the wrong name and you might get bitten when you are trying to kidnap Snoopy!

team.warsurfer said...

Poohbearee: Hahah... Snoop is gaining popularity so quick in the virtual world... I'm envious.. :P

Jonzz: Now only I know what Jimbo meant abt me getting an award from you... when he told me that, I still have not seen your post yet.. but anyways.. thanks!! I shall add that image into my blog.. LOL.. its a cool image tag..