Thursday, September 6, 2007

Birthday Blues

Sigh, I hate birthdays. Love it. Hate It. Love it. Hate it.

Love it when there are friends around to hang out with and enjoy.

Hate it when people you know forget about it and you don't want to be a total jackass having to remind them of it.

I've been rather confused of late. In the past 8 months, somehow I have been under the delusion that I'm two years older than I already am. Thank God for my doctor blogger peers!

Anyway, I digress. Birthdays are just not what they used to be. Now if one can get one or two friends to spend time with, he should consider himself fortunate.

And I am. Guess I'm greedy. Anyway, we watched 'Black Sheep', an absolutely silly horror comedy about genetically altered sheep.

I don't give spoilers so watch it yourself for some brainless thrills.


Firehorse said...

Happy Birthday Jonzz, lucky I came by....I actually drop by to ask wat you are doing up so late as I just received your comment in my blog and saw that the time was about 2.15am. Sigh, what you say about birthdays are true.....guess people just figured that as we grow older birthdays become less not true :o)
Well here's a birthday wish for you....may all your dreams come true for you this year and may your year be filled with good health and lotsa luck.

FireHorse said...

Hei got surprise for you hop over when u got some time.

me said...

is your birthday on the 5th or 6th? you must shout out your birthday otherwise we blur bloggers won't get it. don't be shy, it's our prerogative. or better still, tell everybody it's NOT yr birthday and all the blur ones will come to congratulate you :-p

buy u a piece of cake next time we meet, ok? *grins* btw, how can you believe you are two years older??!

NomadicMom said...

Hiya...First Time Here.. Hopped over here from Firehorse's to see if you MAKAN the cupcake she gave you for your birthday. DOn't despair ... eat the cake liow, maybe feel better leh?

Bibik Nyonya said...

oooh you watched black sheep? Is it good? I'm so curious bout the movie!

Las montañas said...

wow 69! :P 6 of Sep? Happy BD, a year older and wiser.

Wuching said...

the sheeps going to rule new zealand soon

btw, happy birthday!

winniethepooh said...

happi hatchday Jonzz, may all your wishes come true!

*throw balloon, throw flowers, throw ar..whatever* hahah have a great day!

JoMel said...

Happy birthday! :)

K.K. said...


poohbearee said...

happy birthday again :)
LOL. I still cant believe u tot u were 2 years older.

doc said... it up, man!

if you're not up to it, make a contribution to your fave charity - that should give you that feel-good feeling!

happy birthday!

me said...

mana dia pergi ini???? birthday you go and hide issit? or taking a day off blogging? *looking high and low*

mott said...

eh? my birthday wish got swallowed up!

anyway, again, happy birthday..

sorry so late!

baaaaaaaaaaa two legs baaaaaaaaaaad, four legs goooooooooood!

mewd said...

In Malay, the title of the movie is "Keganasan Biri-biri Zombi". Fancy sheeps terrorising a village, eh?

Happy birthday, by the way!

just me said...

Let us ( the september babies) get together one day to celebrate and then you will not be alone?

Happy birthday!

Jonzz said...

[Firehorse]: Thank you for all your well wishes and your lovely cupcake.

[ME]: My birthday was on the 5th.

[Nomadicmom]: Thanks for coming. He he, see me eat the cake? Hmm..

[Bibiknyonya]: It's a silly and funny horror movie. I mean zombie sheep... you imagine.

[LM]: Thank you. Thank you. But as usual you can't get my age right. LOL!

[wuching]: They already rule, ha ha . Thanks!

[winniethepooh]: Thank you velly much.

[Jomel]: Thank you, thank you!


[Poohbearie]: Ha ha, well these things happen.

[Doc]: Charity? He he ... Wallet is more painful at the moment. HA HA. Thanks for the wishes.

[me]: Gua busy leh... Apa nak buat... Bday pun keno kerja

[mott]: He he, thank you. Better late than never.

[mewd]: Ha ha, Malay translations are such a riot. Thanks for the wishes.

[just me]: Oh you are also a September child. Happy Birthday too then. HA HA!

me said...

*gasp* you share the same birthday as someone very special to me. hmmm....i wonder if people born on the same day behaves in the same way.