Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Prisoner and The Peeping Toms

Well, in case, any of you didn't know, that birthday post is was a post-birthday post. (Gosh, that's an overkill of the word 'post' in a single sentence)

The Day was actually the 5th.

Anyway, Friday was a rather interesting day of sorts.

Firstly, there was a kind of a hoo-ha at my workplace. It turned out that the trap they had set to capture the rogue civet cat which had overactive in marking its territory on campus, had caught a different 'victim'...

Big fellow, isn't he! It was unnerving the way he shook the cage in an attempt to escape.

And in case you are also wondering, NO, we did not have monkey brain soup!

The warden carted him off far away and released him so that he and his kin will not come here. Well, that's the theory I heard.

Anyway, in the evening, I heard knocking on my window....

And guess what...

My two favourite peeping toms were back. Actually, they are attacking their reflection but then again... can they be that daft?

All in all, an interesting day that reminded me that our furry and feathery neighbors are still very much alive and knocking... um... kicking.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a colleague's wedding to attend in half an hour.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is illegal to keep it as a pet..


winniethepooh said...

I guess the 2 'peeping toms' just miss you too much :P

Annie said...

I can't believe you have MONKEYs near your office! It's barbarian!


You must need new friends, those birds sensed it. They want you to stop working and play. :D

Bernard said...

Uahh.. in touch with nature, mannn.

I keep looking at the crows and superimposing the image of the blacksheep from your previous post over it.


m5lvin said...


where's ur office??

Jonzz said...

[eve]: No idea.

[winniethepooh]: No idea =P

[annie]: Dang, what does having monkeys near the office make me barbarian? LOL, interesting view on the birds, though

[bernard]: You need more sleep. These are not crows. And what are you doing superimposing it with 'Black Sheep'. Wait... you're drunk, aren't you, LOL!

[m5lvin]: In Seremban. I think I told you before. HA HA.

Las montañas said...

Jonzz, roast birds with monkey brains sound good!