Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, last week, I mentioned that this month will be a bit tight cos I indulged in some unnecessary expenses...

I bought something which will most likely to make a certain alien and the most violent blogger laugh insanely and uncontrollably when they find out.

I was partially influenced by the Bionic Woman in making this purchase, but mine is more inferior...

Anyhow, a promise is a promise... so without further ado, I present to you...












The Jonzz-Rider!

Go ahead, laugh... I dare you... but when I'm trim and slim, let's see who has the last laugh... MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA...


Wuching said...

dude, i think they forgot to put the wheels on for u

Annie said...


Exercise machine! NO! Pah! You've fallen into the exercise addiction. DAMN! It's all Monty and Poohbearee's fault. Don't you want to be a lazy blob like me? Everybody wants to be me!

Dang! that thing looks like some torture machine from a dungeon.. will it stretch you sideways and pull your back out? or it could be used for some fun sex moves?

LOL! bwah hahahahahahah

poohbearee said...

Wow. Influenced by me. I am so flattered. Can I influence u to give me some money? :P

Hv fun on the bike. Hope u buy a non-stationary bike soon.

winniethepooh said...

hope you have fun with ur bike and get trim and fit soon! :)

FireHorse said...

Make sure take before and after picture ok? This is a good investment la I won't laugh at you 0_0 look my mouth straight as a chilli padi.

adrien said...

oh my! are u serious?! never thought anyone would be that determined to splurge on exercise machines! salute!

i suppose it saves up the time of popping into the gym. not to mention u get to eat and watch tc at the same time, no matter now purpose defeating tht may be. hehe..

me said...

the trick is not in how much you exercise but how much you put into your mouth after that. remember..exercise stimulates appetite!!

Sasha said...

okay what..u put in front of tv and step on it while watching tv...

Jonzz said...

[wuching]: Why they have forgotten! Thanks for pointing that out.

[annie]: I'm still figuring out the fun sex moves.

[PB]: You can try to influence me but I doubt you'll succeed. Non stationary. Well, the terrain here is unfavourable.

[winniethepooh]: Fingers crossed!

[firehorse]: Why it's trembling like chili padi too, ha ha

[adrien]: This is what you call impulsive spending.

[me]: *Munch* *munch* *pedal* *pedal* Sorry what's that again *pedal* *pedal*

[sasha]: Hi! LOL, it's already firmly secured a spot in front of the TV!

me said...

that's ok. that's 4 pedals and 2 munch....still better than 4 muches and 2 pedals. hehe. but it also depends what you were muching on ... :-p

NomadicMom said...

Ours became a "clothes hanger" after a while.... :-)

Las montañas said...

*impressed* This looks like an alien bed from the 1st age. Beds that my grandpa used.

Jonzz said...

[me]: *Sweat!*

[nomadicmom]: Well, we have enough clothes hangers in the house for now. Ha ha!

[LM]: No wonder aliens have such big heads.