Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Days of Gatherings

Two half days of leave since Wed

Two attend a course from Thursday to Saturday;
One from a disagreement; one from a union;

Two leave for Australia early Friday;

An ex leaves without saying goodbye;

And Jonzz is alone once more.


FireHorse said...

You still got your exercise bike, no? Go exercise your loneliness away, datz what I do :P

Las montañas said...

or go climb a gunung.

Anonymous said...

Where got alone? You've got your 3 or 4-some kakis leh..Errr..Did that sound like what is sounded like? Kakkaka...Soli hor..this one only Jonzz and his kakis will understand..Jgn pikir senget..


poohbearee said...

V confusing poem.

K.K. said...

depression again! come i refer u to psychiatrist. LOL!

me said...

what are we? tables and chairs? bears and pigs? hallo! we are still here. whine away.

Jimbo said...

You got ex meh? Never tell me one?

m5lvin said...


banyak banyak kawan lagi la..~


or at least if you're depress talk to me...i dun charge u then...hahaha...*

winniethepooh said...

Life is like that, sometimes up, sometimes down..just like the numbers. soon it will be up again. (no more alone) :) cheer up jonzz

Jonzz said...

[firehorse]: LOL, laziness came too fast

[LM]: Of all the loneliest places to recommend!

[Eve]: Crever this eve!

[PB]: Meant to be cryptic!

[kk]: Noooooo!

[me]: One must have balance: Online and offline friends maaa

[Jimbo]: Ex-student! ROFL!

[M5lvin]: Yay, free psychologist!

[winniethepooh]: Yeah, I should think so too but in the meantime, SIGH!