Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Annie!

Happy Birthday, Annie!
This is your special day
Forget the work and naughty
It is your turn to play

Birthday cakes from Poohbearie
Flowers from the mountain man
But PB, remember: non-dairy
Or you'll be the baking pan

Presents from M.E.
Crappy rhymes from Jonzz
If that doesn't make you happy
Uh-oh... bye bye, we're gone!

Break out the sweet champagne
Munch PB's tofu cake
Have lots of teensy sushi
Or a picnic by the lake

Go for some mega shopping
Time for you to get more toys
Watch one movie... or two
Especially... with hunky boys

This poem is at an end, hooray
But your great day begins
Wishing you a blessed and joyous day
Happy Birthday once again!


me said...

*excited* so, what did i get annie??? is there going to be a party later??

Las montañas said...

oh so sweet! annie must have been impressed.

poohbearee said...

So nice, your poem.


I am still waiting for my air tics to Seattle. lalalalala

jimbo said...

Happy Birthday annie! And jonzz, love the calvin and hobbes!!!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday Annie!

Jonzz so talented ah, didn't expect you to make a poem wor. So Eve's one is also your composition? oh. hehe....

me said...

someone kidnapped her on her birthday? or is she too busy soaking in the bubbles?

Wuching said...

i want to wish her happy birthday too

Annie said...

*bleary eyed* from working a 14-hour shift on my birthday.. I'm.. I'm.. like ... WOW! I hadn't smiled all day yesterday and LOOK where I just needed to go!

Isn't it great to have so many imaginary friends. LOL! Nobody ever gave me a poem before. Gee, Jonzz, if you weren't 13 years old, I'd kiss ya.

Hugs to everyone in a non-violent nature but only for this week.

Annie said...

oh, and how did you know I just LOVE Calvin and hObbes! He's my favorite and you made them dance!

Thank you Jonzz, you scored more points than my husband.

Bernard said...

Happy Birthday Annie!

And many happy returns of the day :-)

... would Jonzz kindly compose a poem for my birthday too? *puppy eyes* *hint* *hint*