Monday, October 22, 2007

Messenger Sucks!

Don't get me wrong. I like Messenger.

Without them, we couldn't keep in touch with the thousands of other Messenger-savvy friends all over the globe.

What I am referring to is the quality of communication. This also encompasses emails and sms-es too.

I have often times, ended up in disagreements and major arguments over MSN due to misunderstanding. It can be just one word or sentence taken totally out of context by the other party.

Face it, the spoken word and the written word is barely adequate to convey the depth of our thoughts.

Take away the facial expressions, gestures, enunciation and physical contact, and you would have lost like what... 80 percent of the communication message?

Please, a laughing smiley emoticon is hardly enough to make up for a horsey laugh or a monkey-ish giggle. Let alone a 'ROFL' or a 'LOL'.

Based on the recipient's mode and emotional state, that message can be further twisted by a preconception of the sender's mental image at that instant.

Yeah, so much has been gained but I think so much is sacrificed in our modern communication. It's become so cold and impersonal. Everything has become so rushed because we have so little time for each other.

Sigh. When are they ever going to come up with Star Trek technology?


Bernard said...

Yes, many nuances of conversation is lost on IM but many others have sprouted up. said...

Guess I have already told you.
MSN is not meant for serious discussion

Wuching said...

ahh...u could just write in properly instead of using emoticons?

team.warsurfer said...

Paris Hilton strongly agrees with you !

K.K. said...

i stopped using msn for a while coz it just wont stop getting disconnected. i thought it's the version or my firewall, but didn't give a flying f*ck. few mths down the road and it's working again. i wonder when its gonna screw up nxt.

Annie said...

Duuuude, keep dreaming. We'll get Star Trek technology as soon as we grow pointed ears like Spock. It may happen. Just wait.

You do know the history of Motorola phones dontcha?.. he made them flippy phones to imitate the ones on Star Trek. It's true. Cell phones were an idea based on Star Trek.

steve said...

Msn is good in the sense that it keeps you in touch with your friends all over the world with minimum expenses but on the other hand it can be very provocative at times when the other side misinterpreted the message transmitted and hence most often then not it will turn out to be a big arguments due to the pride that we have in us...haha

742 said...

Messenger sux whenever there's a lag, when I'm trying to send a reply, and all I get is message is not delivered to all participants.

adrien said...

this is when u start using msn's webcam feature. hehe (hehe here, meaning, 3-second subtle and consistent emission of coarse-like giggles, with a teeny smirk on the right corner of mouth.)