Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Close Encounters Of The First Kind (Conclusion)

Note: This is a long overdue post.

So it has been two weeks since LM came and visited this lonely blogger in Seremban.

I still remember that bright afternoon. It was but 4.00pm when the alien buzzed my handphone indicating his arrival at Seremban's humble train station. As I approached the station on the jam-packed afternoon, suddenly my handphone had no network service for a full 20 minutes. Must have be due to the extra radioactive presence that just arrived.

Fortunately, Duzhai was with me. Anyway, LM found us and we ferried him and his four companions to Seremban's classy Royal Adelphi Hotel. No sooner had we deposited the luggage, then we zipped off to LM's primary mission in Seremban: the Seremban Orchid Nursery in Mambau where Jonzz and Duzhai received first hand coaching in orchid species and hybrids.

There was a brief drizzle and two hours quickly passed. We zipped back to the hotel to store the freshly acquired cargo and we were off to sample some sumptuous Seremban fare for dinner. Yours truly here was concerned his 'simple' tastes could not match up to the alien's otherworldly standards.

So it was we arrived in Rahang New Village at Jonzz's recently discovered treasure trove.

Surprise, surprise, the restaurant had some upgrades recently and now have a delightful menu with English words so quickly we ordered our food. Hey, orchid shopping is hungry work.

(Be warned, food pictures ahead)

So this were the dishes we gluttonized, in no particular order:

Kangkung in sambal belachan

Assam seafood with prawn, squid and fish (Droolz)

Thai-style Chicken

Sambal prawns with our famous smelly bean, petai (mua ha ha)

Mongolian tauhoo (with tons of squid)

Jonzz's favorite sweet sour pork ('kou lou yoke')

We also met up briefly with Jimbo there, but he had to rush off to put his kids to bed. Anyway, after dinner, we were all tired so we sent LM and gang back to the hotel where they will zip off to other parts of Malaysia for their orchid hunting. Took some photos, mua ha ha ha... which you won't get to see here.

Anyway, I had some nice gifts from LM (Thanks again!), the most noteworthy being the lovely creature below:

Yup, Jonzz is now the proud custodian of a cute Bellina Blue orchid, a tiny creature which emanates a spicy fragrance when in bloom. So pretty. And thank God, after two weeks in Jonzz's lack of care, the orchid is still alive (phew!)

- The End -


me said...

the alien eats local food??!!! wow!!!

FireHorse said...

Wah you get to meet LM, sigh sum time i so jeles.....

NomadicMom said...

yummy foods and pretty flowers... Nice combi!

poohbearee said...

When is this alien showing himself to other blogger?


Las montañas said...

Thanks Jonzz for being such a perfect host!

I hope the dinner portions were sufficient; you know we aliens love to eat and can order a 10 course dinner easily. :P

Oh those petai beans really did stick up the bathroom.

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Yummy food! *slurp slurp*

Seremban got exotic orchids meh? I also want! But can bring into Singapore anot?

eastcoastlife said...

Where to get the best Seremban shao bao?

Jonzz said...

me: I think they have adapted through the centuries.

firehorse: No need to be jelesleh.

nomadicmom: Ha ha thanks

poohbearee: Ask LM, lor.

LM: You had to mention the smelly beans and the bathroom, didn't you!

ECL: Ha ha, ask LM, he's the smug... master orchid collector. Seremban siew pao depends on your personal preference. As far as I know 3 major shops and 2 different types.

Annie said...


Why am I the last to read this. So, trusting Jonzz to believe his own eyes - Monty is for REAL?
Like double WOW!
and you ate all that food?

Nice job Jonzz. I can't believe you allowed yourself to be exposed to so much radiation and all you got was a flower. LOL

No pictures of you and the alien?

Bah hum bug

cibol said...

wah jon, you eat a lot eh ..

K.K. said...

hmphh... why no alien picture?!?! gggrrhh...

sbanboy said...

Wow that is nice :)

And nice orchids

Well at least now u know how LM looks like ...hehe