Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cutting Off...


I think everyone is addicted to something whether they care to admit it or not.

Some are tv addicts.

Some while away their hours at cybercafes.

Some are crazy about getting slim and fit.

Some just love to stake their hard earnings for that elusive jackpot that will allow them to retire forever.

Some would die for their work, claiming it's investment for their future.

Some are addicted to porn. Drugs, cigarettes, you name it.

People are addicted to something. Even religion can be addictive.

The only difference is whether your object of obssession is good for your mind or health, and whether it's frowned up society.

Well, after that huge amount of hullabaloo, my point is I've just dealt with a hugh obsession for the past month. It's a little application in Facebook called Warbook.

Games. I gues I just have a weakness for them.

Quitting. Wanting to quit and doing it are two different things. And sometimes totally cutting off is the only way to go. And having a supportive friend is the best way to do it.

How does it feel?

Liberating. I have all my free time back again.

And my mind is free to blog again. Hence this long and lengthy rant.

I'm back.


stay-at-home mum said...

Welcome back. It has been a while,

team.warsurfer said...

I'm addicted to Dexter, Prison Break, Lost, Supernatural, Saw trilogy....

... and P**** H*****


poohbearee said...

HAHA. Paris Hilton.

Is Jonzz addicted to Paris Hilton as well?

Anonymous said...

aiyo, you should've given all ur money and soldiers to me .. ha ha ha