Friday, January 4, 2008

My Useless Heart

The human heart is soft and weak
Why listen to it's voice
It hangs on strings of emotions
Careless people play it like toys

Going further on this road of life
We need it less and less
It's stupid to be bested by feelings
Conscience and love is a pest

No more love or anger
No more highs and lows
No more bonds and attachments
Apathy is the way to go

Time to kill this stupid organ
Which doesn't side with me
Its ears only listen to the outside world
And blind to my own pleas

Another year another year
Who cares what the future brings
The time for change will come about
As I cut away these strings


JoMel said...

a useless heart is one that does not feel all that. Trust me Jonzz, yours is not useless at all. I have seen some really useless hearts in my lifetime. Cold and heartless souls...

Ianfluenza said...

Once you're done, please pass me the scissors too...

eve said...

Must link the heart to the brain la..they work better hand in hand..

me said...

the world is cruel, that much is true. but the day that u stop caring, stop feeling is a much sorrier day for you. life has got to hurt, otherwise it will not be called living. we laugh, we cry, we are happy, we are angry. we lived our life with no regrets.

Annie said...

Jomel is right. Without a heart, you have no conscience either... then you become a nonfeeling person like Hitler or Osama BinLaden.

Keep the faith Jonzz. you just need a mustard seed's worth, remember? Don't give up on hope. You may think many others are happy; but it's just a facade. Everybody has a degree of despair; it's part of being human like ME says.

Cherish your spirit. Keep the faith.

Haven't been blogging much, just not inspired lately; but it's usually temporary - just like all things in the Universe.

Peace brother

kyels said...

The heart has great capacity to love and it expands. It is not useless unless it comes into play when we are making illogical decisions.