Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Singapore Trip (Part 2) - Day 1

Planning for an overseas trip is a stressful thing for my personality types.

Taking leave to get a passport, buying return bus tickets up to three weeks in advance, bugging people to confirm they are going; these are the horrible things that come with the genetic makeup that is Jonzz.

Well, please be assured it's all for the smooth running of the trip.

Anyway, all things done and settled, there we were at 11pm in Seremban's famous Terminal One bus station, waiting for our midnight bus which was of course, not on time. Anyway to cut a long four hour journey short, we arrived in Singapore in the wee hours of the morning.

4.oo am to be exact. It was too early to check in and we don't really relish the extra charges. But what could one do at such an unholy hour?

We decided take a cab to the area where the hostel was and scout around for a place to hangout. There were a number of rowdy and drunk young people at that hour and we made a long detour to our early morning sanctuary.

No prizes for guessing where we went.

And if you can recognize where this McD branch is, clearly, you've been in Singapore one too many times (LOL!)

So I had the Big Breakfast (courtesy of my brother's leftover balance on his MRT card). The coffee was good (There were free refills, you know) And interestingly, most of the staff was Malaysian since they conversed with us in Malay.

After breakfast, we took a little walk to the area nearby where I took my first (and only) panaromic photo of the beautiful skyline.

You'll have to click on the teensy weensy picture (courtesy of Blogspot's shrinking facilities) to expand it.

We were in the Boat Quay area. There were plenty of sky rise buildings. Anyway, it was already sunrise, and we had our first preview of some early bird Singaporeans like joggers and dog-walkers. (Wow, people actually dress up their dogs here!)

One thought struck my mind when I see Singapore. Everything was so clean, neat and organized, as Warsurfer aptly puts it.

In my opinion, it's a little predictable for my tastes. And in Jonzz' book, predicatability equals boredom.


Wuching said...

yea..why singaporeans so spick & span wan? so boring lah

Kopi Soh said...

Never been to Singkapork so kenot komen, altho i did hear many god tings tho, mainly frm S'porean of coz :D

Kopi Soh said...

Oops meant to say "good" not "god"

Las montañas said...

Thats a well taken wide angled shot!

me said...

*peering high and low* still no alien and poohbear peeking from anywhere. hmmmm.....give us a lowdown on those two, man! is he fat and squat? is she sweet and lovely? spill the beans.

Bernard said...

Going again soon? :-)

eastcoastlife said...

So early you all arrived! Luckily there's Big M to rest your tired bodies.

Singapore is too clean and orderly... yep, it's boring but it's very safe. See... you arrive here at 4am and didn't get mug or rape! hehe....

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Xin Nian Kuai Le!!

May you have great wealth, good health and abundant joy in the Rat year!!

cibol said...

never been there but I stayed at changi airport for a few hours before .. can count? :p .. Maybe in the near future i will take a peek to spore