Monday, February 11, 2008

Post CNY Holiday Blues

Once again, the Chinese New Year holidays have come and gone.

Visiting and catching up with friends and family doesn't quite strike the chords it used to. I'd rather immerse myself in my comfy little online world or curl up in bed.

I mean what's the big deal about this once-a-year 'Let's catch up' thingy? Well forgive me for being a killjoy, but personally, it has long lost its sparkle.

Maybe it's the lame cliched 'When are you getting married' or the overused 'I'm still waiting for your angpow' or the annually-repeated 'What are you working as?' by relatives who is clearly losing more hard disk space in their ever golden years. Whatever it is, the only thing this season means for me is that it's just another holiday.

Grouchy, no? Can't be helped. I'm still recovering from the grandmother of all coughs due to single-handedly polishing off a box of mandarins one week prior to CNY. *Cough*

Dang, still haven't blogged about the Singapore trip yet.

Don't worry, it's coming. Once I put this procrastination bone back on the shelf.


me said...

still waiting for your expose on the alien and the bear. please include all photos that you can rake up, esp those that show the two of them face on. *hands cough drop to jonzz*

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: Happy CNY. I'm still waiting for your angbao :P

ME: Huh? Y my photo? You should be demanding for the mysterious alien's photo. LOL. I am also trying to blog abt their visit but I feel so lazy.....