Monday, February 25, 2008

Stupid Parent, Suffering Child (Updated)

Childhood is an ugly thing.

Even without physical abuse, there are a hundred and one other ways, parents can mess with their children's heads and screw up their futures with seemingly well meaning but totally selfish advice which are meant more for the parent's good than the child's.

Control freak parents excel in this category.

I envy the rebels. Especially those who escape the ugly shadow of their parent's influence and become wholesome independant individuals with meaningful lives.

Obedience is overrated. Blind obedience only leads to disaster and resentment.

If I could ever have a child, I would teach him independance.

Life sucks.

If your children were little birds,
Set them free and let them fly
Soar the endless landscape
And paint the boundless sky
Fetter them not with your cages
You only stunt them with time
The true fruit of pure love
Is when home is a refuge, not left behind


me said...

true. there are some parents who shouldn't be one in the first place because of the emotional harm they do to their children. then again, being a parent is never easy. u have to juggle what's physically correct with what's principally correct and also with your own human weaknesses. after all, parents are also human. always two sides to a coin.

Las montañas said...

mama ME! why you so lidat! why you like to control what I like to eat!?? (ice cream, french fries..etc)

Lenglui's daughter

Annie said...

Jonzz is just jealous that he wasn't smacked around enough as a kid. That's what my services are for. *SMACK* - it makes him feel like one of the crowd. See?

NomadicMom said...

Waaaaa...very "cheem"

me said...

dear lenglui's daughter aka alien monty,

too much ice cream and fries make you fat, dear. later u hv thunder thighs like mummy, how? when u run to hug your boyfriend, the earth will shake. if u like ice cream, take one lick enough lah.

mummy ME

jEt said...

Yeap...childhood could be ugly or pretty in one way.

Parents who are strict with reason would have their points shown when their children turn out to be successful.

But living without parents is much a disaster too.

I once lived without a parent and living with a very strict i'm pretty much grateful for what he had done even though there's quite a big gap in us.

So since we are all grown up already, don't lt the past drain us down instead we shall keep looking forward and walking with God's grace...^^