Saturday, March 29, 2008

Duzhai's Tag

I thought tags were a thing of the past but then... duzhai had to tag me... grrr...

List out 5 presents you wish for

  1. All the top lenses in every category in the Nikkor DSLR range (hmm, maybe with a full frame camera thrown in, he he)
  2. A tour package to go round the world
  3. Enough money to quit my job, sit back and enjoy life (ha ha, don't we all)
  4. (It seems reason no.3 has nullified reason no 4 and 5, mua ha ha)
  5. Refer to reason 4

The person who tagged me:

First 5 impressions on her/him
  1. Reminds me of Koo Tin Lok ( If you have to ask, you don't watch HK movies much do you)
  2. Passionate about his interests and principles
  3. Has an incredible audio memory (especially when reciting songs and movie dialogs)
  4. Blunt and direct (says what he means and means what he says)
  5. Mature for his age

The most memorable thing he/she has done/given to you:
Being my friend

If s/he becomes your lover you two will:

If s/he becomes your enemy, the reason will be because:
God's willing, this will never happen ... NEXT QUESTION!

The 5 people you tag:
  1. Jimbo
  2. Poohbearie (she's not been blogging enough)
  3. Annie
  4. wuching
  5. Eve

The 5 people I want to mess with~
  1. Jimbo
  2. Poohbearie
  3. Annie
  4. wuching
  5. Eve

Who is 3 having a relationship with?
Her husband

Who is 5 having a relationship with?
Her husband (wow deja vu)

What about 4 and 5?
That adds to 9, I guess

What is 3 studying?
Books? Go read her blog

When was the last time you chatted with 5?
While I was doing this, HA HA

Would you be with 1?
What the?!

How about 5?
What the?!

Does 2 have any siblings?
Come to think of it, I don't know

How did you get to know 2 and 4?

Where does 1 live?
My town

Is 3 the sexiest person in the world?
Definitely (She'll kill me if I say she isn't)


wuching said...

thanks for the tag, will do soon

Annie said...

Is 3 the sexiest person in the world?

DAMN STRAIGHT I AM. *holding a baseball bat*

Jonzz = very intelligent and scared shitless if he answered - "HELL no".

clement said...

who comes out with the idea of this tag?? ha ha

Annie said...

It's all you Asian people clement. Like you don't have enough to do, you go around posting meme's everywhere.
Evil... all evil.

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