Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Midlife Crisis?

Ever felt like your life had hit a dead end?

Supposing you had chosen from the beginning not to be bound by the normal rules of society; preparing yourself to go through life on your own, avoiding the messy web of human relationships and scorning the loud beckons of career and money.

Murphy's Law. Nothing ever turns out quite the way you plan.

People. They say encounters with people change you.
New ideas. New perspectives.
New interests. New desires.

Suddenly you realize you want to experience life to the fullest. Principles seemingly set in stone are slowly flushed down the drain.

And you realize life has never been more screwed up.



kyels said...

I guess it happens when too many thoughts are circulating in our minds.

me said...

midlife crisis? hardly!! i think it's a wonderful thing that u finally feel u want to live life to the fullest, instead of standing as a spectator at the sidelines. and i hardly think it's too late. you're just beginning, friend. age doesn't come into the equation. life is not screwed for u, it's just opening up. so, go chase those new ideas, new perspectives and new desires! u'll find live more worth living.

Jonzz said...

kyels: too many worries.

me: stress stress stress

NomadicMom said...

Aye...think the planets' alignment has made us have more bad days this week??????