Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Interests

After that long winded barf-inducing rant yesterday, you would have guess old Jonzz here has been hit by his emo spells. Well, different temperaments for different folks.

Anyway, just to share with you my new indulgence. I've done it.

I've crossed the line!!!!!!

After countless times of doing the same old thing with the same old results... (and boring some of his blogger friends to death in the process)







I love bokeh!

OK, so a few of my expert friends say it's underexposed. But hey, I'm still an amateur. He he!

Now I need some new models apart from my little dog. Any takers? =P


poohbearee said...

Did Scooby just hv his bath?

wuching said...

congrats on the new DSLR, anytime you need a model gimme a call ya! kekekeke

me said...

children!! i think they make the best models. esp when they are caught unaware. just bring yr DSLR out for a walk n try to see things from a different angle.

Jonzz said...

poohbearie: old scooby got caught in the rain.

wuching: ok, come tomorrow.

me: wakakakaka.. spoken like a mum.

wuching said...

to Me & Jonzz: taking pictures of children is frown on here coz there's just too many pedophilia going on ppl are suspicious of everything to do with children!

me said...

wuchy: that's so sad!! all these crazy ppl on earth spoiling everything natural and innocent. sheesh.

Jimbo said...

Wah, very nice!