Monday, March 24, 2008

Post Easter Blues

It's been rainy and cold the past few nights. Looking back, seems like a such a long time ago that I started this blog with gusto.

So many of my links already gone dormant. Well, I hope, dear friends, you have moved on to a more enriched and busy part of life.

Makes me think back when I restarted this blog in June 2006. Never had a single link or commentator then. Then people came to read all my pessimistic and melancholic crap, LOL. On some days, I actually worry the things I write will influence people and make them depressed.

But the fact is I started blogging for myself and I will not stop. Not after so many posts.

Things change. Well, maybe this blog will change.


Las montañas said...

There will always be silent readers that do care about you.

me said...

that's the world of blogging for you. reader come, reader goes, that's why you have to remember for whom you are writing; yourself or them. sometimes you get carried away, when your popularity is up, when readers come in droves. but each can only accompany you on your journey part of the way. you will be with yourself all the way. so, write. for yourself. we have left a little too much of ourselves in our blog to stop.

Wuching said...

when are you going to make some money out of this blog?

Annie said...

In a rut are we o' little Jonzz? The force will find you again. You shall see. It's called a recession of sorts; but hang in there and inspiration will find you once again.

Geez, I sound like a fortune cookie

eastcoastlife said...

I wait for your new posts until grow cobwebs and I'm turning into a Karen! You know the long-necked tribal women in northern Thailand?

I'm not writing paid posts, I'm writing for the benefit of my foreign readers who might be visiting Singapore. You didn't know Singapore got so many interesting and fun places hor!