Monday, April 21, 2008

Best Friend

You call me your friend
In response, I tried to be true
Even with doubts and testing
I cling on to faith in you
Forgiveness and forgiving
Easy words to say, so hard to do
But if we close that option
All hope will be through
God gave us friendship
To warm and to inspire
God lighted the flame
It is us who must feed the fire


Bernard said...

Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. :-)

Jealous of snoopy d. Hahaha.

Annie said...

I just love my dog, Snoopy. When are you planning to return him to me. I miss him Jonzz.


Jonzz said...

Bernard, your jealousy is confusing. The dog's name is Scooby.

Annie, I don't know who Snoopy is. LOL! This one is Scooby. Scooby Dooby Doo..

kyels said...

Dogs are men's best friend.