Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Bug and A Lizard

Argh! They are among us!

A student brought his humongous bug to office and my colleagues
thought I should take a picture (Don't ask!)

Mischieveous lizard spying from the bushes in town

"Argh! cockroach!"
"Help! Lizard!"
"Oh my god, there's a spider in the house"
"A mouse!!! *" *faints*

OK, that was too much exaggeration.

Most people tend to forget that other creatures also occupy the same planet. We have all but robbed them of their natural habitat in our zeal to populate. Well, like the saying, "If you can't beat them, join them", so they now share our homes with us.

I mean it's only fair, right?



wuching said...

ewwss..creepy crawlies!

Las montañas said...

heh, what happened to that peeping-tom monkey?

me said...

ewwww. they exist around us, but i'm in a state of denial *runs off*

Annie said...

What are people bringing bugs to the workplace?