Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obsession Maximus

Sigh, really running out of things to blog. Somehow writing about the angsty stuff doesn't quite give the kick it used to.

Anyway, as you know, old Jonzzy is now the proud owner of a dslr and has driven about almost every blogger on his MSN contacts quite nuts by now by asking them to preview his experiments.

Oh well, I suppose it's a natural progression of the Blogger Evolution - blogger to camwhore to photographer and so on...

Even my little Scooby has reached his limits.

Master, if you point that thing at me one more time, I may have to bite you

Like a drug addict, I've been snapping everything in the house, inanimate and living objects. Gosh, I even did a little photoshoot with a friend of mine in the local park. Hmm, but I am quite hesitant to show you... Heck, well... dinner hangover so I have nothing constructive to write. So I leave you with this pretty little thing from my garden.

Sure has been raining a lot lately these days, what with flash floods and hailstorms.


kyels said...

Hopefully the storms will pass away soon. Quite troublesome for people to travel anywhere. Bah!

Annie said...

Oooooh, there's sweet little baby Scooby... Come on.. come to Mommy. That's right. I'll change your name to Bitsy and dress you up in rhinestones.

You gonna need a blog intervention Indiana Jonzz?

me said...

no ah, you didn't ask me to preview ah *pout* then agn, i'm not on your msn list. hehe.