Friday, April 18, 2008

Paranoid Pessimistic Philosophical

Yup, that would be me.

Heck, there were tons of stuff I want to write but ended up not writing. So I think for today, I'll just let the old neurons run on auto.

This has been one heck of a gloomy first quarter to 2008. So many events. Our exciting elections, lots of deaths related to my immediate social circle, perpetual rain and the occasional hailstorm in little Seremban, and friends going through their personal crisis, one way or another.

It's enough to drive a person nuts.

But then hey, we should look on the bright side. Behind every cloud, there's a silver lining.

No need to elaborate on the elections. Everyone who's anyone has already been doing it.

Deaths, just makes you appreciate life and loved ones more.

Plenty of rain, less dry dusty haze to content with.

Heck, a hailstorm, how cool is that.

Friends... love em, hate em... they breathe fresh air into our clogged up self centred world. I can't believe the amount of new people I've known through this crappy sounding blog called Running Waters which according to someone I know, has naughty connotations. This blog is not 18SX okay!

Darn, this tube of Oreos is delicious. Oops, there goes the last one... Don't ask me silly questions next time you meet me okay, like "Oh my, you've put on weight! Didn't exercise?" Don't be silly, it takes a lot of energy to tear open a packet of Oreas, separate the cookies, and chew them so that you don't choke on them. And don't get me started on brushing teeth... UH STOP!

Yes, this must be the most ridiculous blog post I've ever written. Oops, it's midnight already?

OK, time to hit the sack or I'll suffer at the office tomorrow. Sigh.


Annie said...

OMG! There's the old Jonzz - it DOES take a lot of energy to open a packet of Oreos. Every tried the Pringles can and how about a good strong bag of Lays BBQ Potato chips? Ummm. but I don't separate the cookies Jonzz. Who does that? or are you talking about splitting the Oreo up. You split your Oreo cookies? Mmm.. *writing notes* That says a lot about you dear. I don't split them, I just eat them as they are.

Las montañas said...

I tell ya there are better things than a pack of oreos. For example, crispy keropok, calbee prawn crackers, potato chips..etc. Washed down with ice cold beer!

NomadicMom said...

So how you eat your Oreos? Split the two sides, eat the biscuit part, leaving the cream bits to the last????

Jonzz said...

You people! OK I didn't split the Oreos! I was just separating them... Blech!