Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Night, 20th April 2008

That's the lame kind of title you'll write if you have nothing better to write.

Alone at night with nothing but the glow and hum of your pc, and the echoes of sounds from the garden, your brain becomes kind of hyperactive. Hmm... is that rain I hear?

This has been an extremely unproductive weekend. I had been meaning to complete my Income Tax form but things happened. I have no mood to look at that pile of stupid sheets.

It has been so boring yesterday I forgot what I did on Saturday. Seriously, it drifted away without a whisper...

Today was slightly better. Not church. Church was dry as dust as usual.

Well, you know some of us humans. We live to eat. So I discovered two new yong tau foo places in Seremban, courtesy of a church friend. One was sold out. The other one we tried was in Mambau. Not that great really and pricey.

Afternoon: tried to help my friend to register for Streamyx only to discover how useless it is to do an online registration these days. Imagine going through 5 operators and getting the same final standard response as 'That's why we always advise our clients to go to the nearest TM point". WTF?!

Then went out for a little ais kacang in the afternoon and tried hunting for some of those agents who promote Streamyx in Terminal One shopping complex. All we got was a little soaking from the rain for our efforts. Sigh.

Hmm... and a few hours later, voila, here I am, tapping on this QWERTY thingy.

Does life get any better than this?

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wuching said...

do something different next week; put on your mask & wear your underwear on the outside and go save the world!