Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Return to Cameron Highlands

The past two weeks have not been pleasant ones for me due to personal stuff. Anyway, I'm not keen on dumping dark and morbid stuff on you today.

Instead, let me share with you some pictures taken during my church family camp at Chefoo Methodist Centre in Cameron Highlands from the 16th to the 19th of May. The place is really a photo haven and I had a great time shooting photos with my new trusty DSLR sidekick.

This is a hilltop view of Brinchang, the town where we stayed. At least, this place was still cool. I was quite afraid that development would have taken it's toll on my favourite hillside place in Malaysia.

This was taken from our dormitory. I just like the way the rooftops looked. Is 'rustic' the right word for it? I have no idea. I'll leave it to the English experts to comment, HA HA.

As usual wherever I go, dogs are one of my favourite photo subjects. See this moody black Cocker spaniel having a moment here. Kinda reminds me of a church member's mutt.

This must be the plant that inspired the creation of the toilet brush. There was quite a big bush at our campsite and there was a pretty humming bird like creature fluttering inside among its leaves. Unfortunately, I didn't have the right lens to shoot the birdy.

We went to this cactus and flower tourist centre. Saw this unreal plant which looked like it was made from plastic.

Flowers really bloom well in this weather. I love this magnificent red flower which I saw there.

The symmetry and detail of this sunshine yellow flower makes one marvel at God's creation.

A friend of mine received a bushel of these from his friend and promptly distributed it to the ladies at the campsite. Only later did I find out that these beauties were quite a pricey favourite among the ladies. Dang, why didn't my kiasu senses kick in earlier!

Of course, after getting my new toy, yours truly started to look at pictures from a fresh new angle. This is one of my attempts at artistic pictures. My friend's son is really cute and since he's quite chummy with me, I've been able to collect a cool set of poster-like photographs. *Thumbs up!*

This beautiful orchid was planted by the owner of the campsite. This flower looks like an alien baring it's teeth at you. GROWL!

Of course, no photo collection of Cameron Highlands would be complete with the token shot of it's signature fruit, the strawberry. Took a long range shot of this lovely fellow at a hydroponic and tourist center on our way home.

Well, I hope these colorful photos have brightened up your day. Ciao!


Annie said...

but you know I love dark and morbid Jonzz? Really, does life have anything else to offer?

oh well, now that I've seen all your photos - I must admit there might be a light at the end of my tunnel vision. How in the world did you take those close ups? Is it a new camera? Tell me! I need this camera! In fact, just wrap it, box it up and mail it to me. k? Um, I'll send it back to you.

The colors are so vibrant! or is it a new software? No, must be the camera! WOW! Tell me!

I love it Jonzz.

eastcoastlife said...

Cameron Highlands! I want to go again.

My last trip was almost 20 years ago. I was vomiting as I go up the highlands and vomiting as I go down. hahaha....

Sadly, I never got a glimpse of Cameron Highlands. :(

Lovely photos. I shall ask you along when I go Cameron Highlands so you can take my photos. hahaha....

Jonzz said...

He he, thanks Annie! Putting up these photos have cheered me as well.

My camera's a Nikon D80. Gotta confess though, I did do a little photoshopping. Really... a little.

Jonzz said...

ECL, there's a new route now which is less vomit inducing.

Another picture trip? I don't mind. We didn't really have that many outings during church camp. BOORRRIIINNNGGGG... (oops, i hope no one i know is reading this)


Bernard said...

Good shots!

The flowers look so perfect and "blemish-less".. that's probably why they look like plastic. LOL.

I want to go to Cameron's again!

wuching said...

the bottlebrush is exactly called that, a bottlebrush! its an australian native plant, the red flower is a camellia or tea plant, the yellow one is a dahlia & the white one is an arum lily. dunno the second one

NomadicMom said...

Bunga-bunga tu banyak cantik.

I was gonna say "waaah...how come cameron highlands like concrete jungle already one??"...they should control abit lah... Otherwise, the beauty of the highlands will be gone forever.:-(

Jyannie said...

nice cocker spaniel pic there... reminds me of a very comfortable floor mat - those made with towel material. heh

wuching said...

HOR!! now I remember what that flower is in the 2nd picture; its the flower of a bromeliad plant, related to the pineapple family. Thank you very much. ;-P