Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Stinking Holiday

Dang, after writing a grandmother of all melancholic blogs and I'm still damn awake. Well, screw it all, I'm on a roll here.

I took leave on Friday since Thursday was Labour Day. Wanted to do a wee bit of travelling, after all 4 days is quite a decent break.

Well, first my computer monitor died on me. Cough sput fizzz blackout, alive again, cough sput fizz, blackout alive again, cough sput fizz... blackout, Jonzz goes to SenQ and gets this lovely Acer monitor 19 inch which is causing my PC to crash because of insufficient resources. Suffice to say, now my resolution runs at half its color capability. Hurrah for technology!

I had to scrap all my travelling plans since the folks decided to travel at the same time as well. Somebody's gotta take care of the menagerie and the chlorophylites at home. Hurrah for filial piety!

And finally, yesterday I decided to take a trip and buy filters for my camera as protection. I thought I had a pretty good deal until I got home and received a pail of cold water from a more knowledgeable friend who decided to gloat with the better price he got. Hurrah for friendship!

And now we're reached the day of rest... Hurrah fo church! I am so trembling with 'excitement' for what this day will bring.

There's nothing like a holiday
To spoil your mood and screw your day
To empty your wallet when you play
And make u dread work on Monday


me said...

i know. no matter where and when or what you get, there'll always be someone who gets it better, cheaper and sooner. so, don't compare. for your sanity sake. you don't have to be the best. you didn't get the filters for their pleasure, you got them for yours. the question is....are you enjoying the use of it? if yes, purpose fulfilled.

eve said...

To hell with your 'friend' la..whatever done is done...Don't let him/her get into you..You are stronger than that..*hugs*

wuching said...

I see you had a good weekend?

doc said...

this IS one heck of a melancholic post!!

hurray for friends who stood by you.

Sam said...

My monitor and PC is having just as much problems too - so I can empathize with you. :D

Jonzz said...

me: Cold water by any other name is cold water. Sweet words lift up while colds words still sting.

eve: Yeah!

wuching: . . .

doc: LOL, what to do, it's in my blood.

Sam: sucks doesn't it, these unexpected expenses!