Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Live Orchestra

Good music stirs me.

So it was to my great delight that there was a fund-raising concert at my workplace. It was an orchestra complete with violins, celloes, flutes, clarinets and the obligatory chinese flute and pipa.

Yours truly was almost in heaven. If not for the fact, he had to work, taking pictures for the occasion.

Sigh, don't get me wrong. I love photography. But as a hobby, not work.

I mean, to truly enjoy such music, you have to be seated quietly with full attention, NOT aiming for the perfect photograph, and possibly becoming a total irritant to the other audiences in the process.

Note: If you are taking pictures at such an event, please refrain from using the flash especially when they are playing music. That's a big no-no in my book.

I like watching skilled people play string instruments. The way their fingers practically dance all over the fingerboard almost effortlessly. I can imagine all the blood and sweat poured into those many hours of practice to reach that level.

It was even more impressive seeing a large group of people with different instruments blending together to produce a beautiful piece of music. Dang, I'm ranting and gushing... Bleh...

Suffice to say, I enjoyed myself. Not 100% but maybe 70%. Cos I had to work, you know.


eve said...

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..patut la...and I thought Iwas the bz one...hehe..

me said...

i get. good music does move u. if u don't enjoy photography as work, then why are u doing it?

Jonzz said...

eve: Busy at work doesn't count, ha ha

me: Hmm, for the experience, lor.