Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's 3am. I should be asleep since I have to worship lead in church tomorrow.

I've been tossing and turning since 1.30am and I've woken up with a heavy heartburn feeling.

And already suffered a few bad dreams revolving around the same subject.

I am in some group/camp situation and then I check my camera bag. Oh no, someone has taken out my camera equipment and replaced them with cheaper and inferior cameras and parts. Next minute, I'm raising a ruckus and screaming bloody murder. A lot of people I know run to the scene but nothing can be done. My precious is gone.

The next dream sequence starts. I thought I had woken up since I was in my bedroom so I check my camera. Aiks! Still missing... I search and confront many people. Suddenly, the people I know are not the people I thought I knew.

Finally, I really woke up. I check again. It was a dream. Ouch, heartburn...

Is it an ill omen of sorts?

Or maybe I shouldn't eat dim sum and have iced coffee before bedtime.


wuching said...

u need to let me keep your camera for safe keeping

742 said...

Maybe it's bec of the iced coffee. Cuz it contains caffeine, that makes your mind couldn't rest so your mind was active when you were sleeping that's why you got such weird dreams.

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me said...

it's eating food to close to sleeping time that's causing the heartburn. when the food is starting to digest, u lie down horizontally, causing the acid to reflux back up, causing heartburn. u know what they say, stop eating 3 hours before bedtime :-)

why so long no post?