Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Friend Nearly Electrocuted to Death

Crude title huh. But that's what nearly happened yesterday night.


A friend just treated my CG to a 'durian and mangosteen party'. Then after my CG meeting, I went to his place and learned my friend had a close brush with death.

It seems my friend was hanging out at his friend's fruit stall. He noticed a faulty light bulb and tried to fix it. That was when he got electrocuted. In his words, he was dancing around and shouting for someone to turn the switch off, but no one seem to bothered. The thought really pisses me off.

Anyway, at the point when he thought he was a goner for sure, he was thrown back and was freed from being zapped further.

I don't know why but if a very good friend has a close brush with death and is telling you about it, what is the right way to feel? Cos I'm bothered by the thought that I may have become a little too apathetic and logical these days.

I feel that I should be really shocked or something. Or maybe done something more... Anyway, bugging Dr Bernard for some advice on treating post-electrocuted people now.

Sigh, someimes, humans are just as fragile as a moths drawn to flame huh.

Crappy thought, I know.


Bernard said...

Those people around him = apathetic.

doc said...

if you friend related the incident in a funny way, isn't it ok to laugh??

on the other hand, if he was dead serious, showing concern would be in order.