Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movie Marathon Weekend : A Lame Review

Once in a while, I go nuts with boredom and have to do something absolutely boring. Like a movie marathon.

So I took leave last Friday and watched HellBoy II. It was good. Nice comic book adaptation.Interesting cast of weird characters. Loved Selma Blair as the hot pyrokinetic.

Then Saturday came, and I watched Dark Knight with a bunch of buddies. Seriously, if you miss this show, you've missed the best show this year. Makes me sad thinking of Heath Ledger's passing. He was seriously good in the show. Mind you, not for kids though. The plot is dark, twisted and violent.

Then came Sunday. Like any good Chinese Three Kingdoms appreciator, I watched Red Cliff. Well, I enjoyed it.

OK, now wasn't that lame. No pictures, no spoilers.


wuching said...

I've yet to watch any of those movies you've mentioned, will be waiting in anticipation for them to come out on Cinema Bittorrent.

Ah-Bong said...

havent' watched hellboy and dark knght. i wanna watch dark knight!!! and i need company. blergh.

ooo and i lurveeeeeee red cliff. like erm, was zhu geliang a bit sissy? not being judgemental, i just thought takeshi wasn't as macho as he was in his previous movies. ooo and whoa, tony and takeshi are... so gay. hahahaha

ronz said...

sure red cliff any good? dont have confidence in conto movies :)