Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Looking into that mirror, one wonders :

What would the Boy of Yesterday do differently if he knew the Man of Today?

What goals would he have dropped and what goals would he have taken in their stead?

Which people would he have avoided and who he would have befriended?

What priorities will he placed first and what priorities will he put last?

How would he choose to act in those critical situations and when he would choose not to react?

And if he managed to reverse these changes, what would the Man of Today become?

Everyone wishes for foresight but if we had it, would we be wise enough to make the 'right' decisions?

Such is life, with its infinite possibilities.

And the pessimist in me says, "Life sucks".


me said...

my theory is....given a person another chance to go back in time, he will still do the exact same thing and make the exact same choice..without the advantage of hindsight of course. becos u r who u r, u will still think the same way, act the same way and make the same choice. so why fret? think of each downfall as a lesson learnt. nothing in life is good or bad, just another lesson learnt. makes you what you are tomorrow.

life sucks only when you perceive it to be. so, turn it and look at it from another perspective.

Jonzz said...

ME: Ah, you also role play this time travel theory in your mind. Oh well, I just ranting cos of all the petrol and political stuff happening in our country lately.