Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Craze Called Photography

It has already been 5 months since I bought my first DSLR camera.

Admittedly, it's been a painful process on the wallet. And the pain isn't gonna end anytime soon because I'm still nuts about it.

"Why buy a DSLR? It's so expensive..." That has been the main question that has been thrown at me.

Basically I already like taking pictures. You could say this upgrading of equipment is an extension to my love for art and blogging. Maybe I'm a sentimental person who likes to record moments and memories in crystal clear format. After all, a good picture (especially a sharp one) is worth a thousand words. It could be that I am excited by the technical aspect of tinkering with this big boy's toy and producing amazing works on digital film. Of course, I could be just being narcissistic and flaunting photos fulfills my natural desire for attention. Then there's the prospect of turning it into an income generator.

Bottom line: I love this hobby. I get my kicks from it and I don't regret spending money on it.

The interesting thing about this journey have been the encounters with the various groups of people.

First and foremost were those who took the trouble to share their enthusiasm and experience for the DSLR, especially Merv Kwok who always 'layan' my plethora of questions with much patience. Many thanks, bro!

Then there are those supportive friends who don't mind reviewing and critiquing my many albums of photos. It means a lot to old jonzzy here.

Of course, apart from the positive group, there are the not-so-positive groups which comprises of the smart alecks and the opportunists.

The smart alecks are the Pharisees and the Sadducees of the photography world who have limited ideas of how a good photographs should be. They are quick to criticize and predictable in their responses, you just get so fed up with it. Hey, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "One man's meat is another man's poison".

The opportunists are the ones who irk me the most. They are not your typical friends who call you for favours, but acquaintances who once they realize you have a DSLR, become your friend for a season for the sake of a free photographer.

Well, all in all, it has been an interesting experience. Apertures, shutter speeds, ISO... I'm still pretty much a noob with the alphabet of the photography world. But hey, at least, it should give me a few years of pleasure. :)


me said...

me enjoy photography too. problem is i'm not good enough. which really frustrates. the virgoan streak. we must be perfectionist or die trying. :-p

team.warsurfer said...

Good post man..

Now, where is that post about that "potong steam" salesman?


Annie said...

Life is short Jonzz. Do what you love. A camera is not just a camera. It's an extension of your imagination and your perception of the world. Show us the world from YOUR point of view. That can be inspiring.
Go for it my friend.

Annie said...

You reminded me that I need to upgrade my Minolta. Thanks for that. 45mm film is great; but it's a hassle to process.

Jonzz said...

me: Aiks, so that's why I'm a perfectionist!

warsurfer: Done!

Annie: UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE!!! We techie types must be up to date with the latest blogger toys.

Las montañas said...

yeah jonzz, its not just a camera, but something that you could grow to love even more after many years down the road.