Monday, November 3, 2008

The Crane Accident

Many, many moons back, I was out with a friend, then I discovered this accident had occurred on the main road in my area. A truck carrying a crane had overturned and blocked the road for several hours.

Being the shameless blogger and paparazzi that I am, I snapped some pictures hoping to send it to The Star hoping to win RM50 for getting my picture published. Needless to say, the procrastinator bone in me didn't send it.

But see what a greedy and money minded dude your friend here is.

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Annie said...

*kick* You're not greedy. If you were, you would have sent that picture to every magazine in the world asking for more money and taking extra pictures of bloodied people and having no compassion for their feelings. That's not you Jonzz. Don't worry. We need money to pay the rent, buy food to eat and put gas in our car to get to work. Nothing shameful about that.

Keep taking photographs. We want to see them. :D