Friday, November 14, 2008

New blog?

Lately, I find that I have no rapport with my blog.

I mean when I was emo or moody, I love the dark dark layout of this blog but lately, I don't feel connected to it. Weird, huh.

The solution I think is to have another blog for lighter seasons, but I'm not throwing away this old one, just in case I get all emo-ish and moody-ish again.

Hmmm.... two blogs for two state of minds. Weird, huh?

To those who are still reading, what do you think?


JoMel said...

I've had two blogs "terminated". They belong to my past, and reminded me too much of sadness.

In my experience setting up a new blog, with "new beginnings" being the intent, really works wonders. Make sure the blog is light and bright, and tell yourself this shall be your happy place!

742 said...

You don't stay in the emo-state forever, do you?

Annie said...

I say you do whatever makes you happy Jonzz. Try it. If you don't like it, then change it.

You can take your current blog and decorate it differently with your moods. Its what I do. I change the picture on top to go with the Seasons or with my moods or post music or paste different clip art.

personally, I don't think you need a different blog, I don't mind having your current one change a little with your moods. It's human.

NomadicMom said...

People go through different surely the moods also change. Sometimes more upbeat, sometimes like sooo moody. It's like yoyo...going up. going down. So, you sure will switch between your two different moods one lah..

sbanboy said...

That is the fact of life ... there will be ups and downs ... hang in there bro

team.warsurfer said...

I suggest a revamp of this blog's template.. change the layouts.. colors etc.. and retain the URL !

Jonzz said...

jomel: Thanks. I think I'll stick with this one for the time being. Less hassle.

742: Ha ha, of course not!

annie: Yes, I need decorations!!

nomadicmom: true, so I decided to stick this one out.

sbanboy: haha, this one is not about ups and downs. just deciding whether to use a new blog.

teamwarsurfer: you want to be the new interior designer, lol!

me said...

maintaining 2 is such a hassle. kind of boring if one is dr jeckl and the other is all mr hyde, wouldn't it? life is about a mixture of the both. meddle with the templates and surprise us with something refreshing if u r bored with this dark one. and when u r bored with the new one, get another one. eye candy for us all too!