Monday, December 1, 2008

God is Smiling

1st December 2008, 8.41pm, I received this unusual SMS from Jet saying "Guys, grab ur camera n capture the beautiful sky. God is smiling :)"

Then my mum told me to go outside to look at the moon.

Well, I'll be. Two stars above a crescent moon. "God" was indeed smiling tonight.


JoMel said...

I received an sms around tht time too but I could see no moon from my balcony. Now I know what my friend meant.. It's gorgeous! God is indeed smiling.

Annie said...

Awe Jonzz, that's awesome. I've never seen anything like it.

btw, I've put my blog into sleep mode until I get motivated again. It's not gone, just in hibernation.

me said...

awww shucks annie, i tot i was locked out of your blog. well, have a good sleep and hope to see you up and kicking in no time. (gee, i'm leaving comments for annie in jonzz's blog?? hehe)

jonzz: i saw that too!!! it was so exciting, like the sky was smiling at me. too bad i didn't have my camera with me but your pic is as clear as it gets. much better than the one in the star newspaper.

Bengbeng said...

He is indeed smiling :)

Jonzz said...

Jomel: =)

Annie: Pressing anti-hibernation button on Annie's keyboard...

me: but i didn't get paid *Sulk*

Bengbeng: heh heh